Peony Parcel Unboxing: The Botanica Edition

I've featured Peony Parcel on my blog previously, and they've proven that not only are their subscription boxes lovely, but so are they, after they sent me this little suprise in the mail this month. This is their latest box, the Botanica Edition, and I loved it so much I thought I'd share with you what was inside.

In case you missed it last time and have no idea what Peony Parcel is all about, they're a subscription service that send out a box every second month. These boxes are all about treating yo self and making sure you take some much needed and deserved me time. Inside you might find candles, treats, skincare or beauty items, but whatever you get is sure to be beautiful and made just for you. You can also pass along this box of joy by sending them as a gift to someone special. Now lets dive in to what we got this time.

Enbacci Mositurising Hand and Nail Cream
I've used a few products from this brand before, including a cleasner, and I loved that, so I have high hopes for this stuff. Especially as we get closer and closer to winter here in Australia and the weather has suddenly decided to drop us down into cold days, this stuff will be a life saver; my hands always get so much dryer in the colder months. I've given this stuff a little test run and I can say it smells super clean and fresh and luxe. A little goes a long way and it sinks into the skin nicely and left them feeling very smooth and silky like.

Nina Bailey Rose Botanical Bath Soak
Before I even opened this stuff or read anything about it I was in love; how can you not love that packaging though! With colder nights ahead, and now that I live in a house that has a bath, I'm loving the chance to try out all these beautiful bath products. This bath soak aims to help reduce your stress and detox your body by reducing any inflammations. As if having time to sit in a bath wasn't relaxing enough, no doubt this bottle will only sweeten the deal.

Onne Beauty Skin Sparkling Konjac Sponge
This product has me intrugied because I've never used or seen anything like this before; maybe I'm a bit behind the times. This sponge is made from the vegetable fibres of the Konjac tree (as if that doesn't just make you want to rub it all over your face and see what wonderous transformation it brings) and is naturally enriched with minerals and Vitamins A through to E. It's bascially an exfolitor for your face. You wet the sponge and then work it in cricular motions on your skin to rub away the dead skin cells and welcome your fresh face to the world.

Luxe Scented Travel Tin Candle in Black Fig & Guava
I am a candle addict through and through. As someone who spends their days working from home, I love nothing more than getting a cup of tea and lighting a candle or two and suddenly I'm motivated to get some work done, or relax if I'm following this routine at night. So to have another candle to try out and add to the collection on our coffee table makes me a happy chappy. This little baby smells delightful and they do come in full sizes.

Bahen & Co Almond & Sea Salt 70% Cacao Chocolate Bar
We'll end this post on the sweetest note. For ages I haven't been the biggest dark chocolate fan, I've always been about getting that milk Cadbury bar into me. But over time, and as I've tried to give the impression to the world that I can and am adult, dark chocolate hasn't been looking to bad to me. They usually also come in really intriguing sounding flavours. Almond and sea salt certainly sounds like a bit of an odd combination, but I can confirm it's heavenly (the bar is nearly gone after waiting days to actually open it because I needed to get some good photos #bloggerproblems). The dark chocolate and almond are the main flavours with the sea salt just sneakily popping its head in and surpsing your tastebuds in the best way possible. Also can we just take a moment for that packgaing though!

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