My Material May // May Favourites

I haven't done a favourites post in a while. Though I did love both creating them and reading/watching them, over the last few months I just haven't been feeling it, in fact, I feel like the whole Internet decided to take a bit of a break from this tried and true post idea. However this month I was feeling in the mood to start sharing again, so I put together a quick video and chat more about these bits and bobs below.

Nina Bailey Rose Botanical Bath Salts
I recently received these in the latest Peony Parcel that landed on my door, and as soon as I saw these I was excited to try them out. With the weather getting colder and colder here in Australia, I've been feeling the urge to start taking some long, relaxing baths again, and having something like this arrive at my door was the last sign I needed from the universe that I should. I've never really been a big bath salts or bath bomb user, I've always just stuck to your classic bubble bath, but after using this I'm converted. The fragrance, first of all, is amazing. Though the name does say rose, and there is certainly a rose scent to it, it's not over-powering and I think even those who aren't the biggest rose fans would enjoy this. The bath salts dissolve nicely into the water and the rose petals left behind add a beautiful touch and they don't annoyingly get stuck to your hair or body. I did use this bottle up in about two baths (maybe I was going overkill, I'm not sure), but if you're looking to treat yourself I'd recommend checking this out.

Nike Roshe Two
After getting my first pair of Nikes for Christmas last year, I've become a little obsessed. After falling in love with how comfortable and supportive the Airs were, and how much I was wearing them, I knew I needed to get another pair. I had no idea which ones to get, they make so many beautiful shoes, but I did know I wanted to get a white pair. As much of a committed a pair of white shoes can be, I just felt the need to own a pair in my life. So I headed down to my local mall, and browsed around until I finally found this pair, and as soon as I saw them, I loved them. Just like my original pair, the Roshe Two are super comfortable and supportive on your foot. They did give me blisters the first few times I wore them because of the high top, but once they were broken in they were fine. They have discoloured a little around the top half thanks to my fake tanning habits, but otherwise I managed to keep them relatively clean, and I'm just careful when and where I wear them, and keep my Airs, which are black, for any other time.

Annie Top Bar Sunglasses // Cotton On
I've always wanted to own a pair of sunglasses in this style after the Dior ones came out and many brands started copying the design. After seeing a two for $25 sale at Cotton On and seeing this in the range, I had to jump on it. Not only do I love the style, but I love the rose gold colour, and I've been wearing these to death.

Black Brogues // Target (on sale) // similar
I've had these shoes sitting in my closet for while after I saw them on sale for only $10 at Target. They were a style of shoe I didn't have and but did love the look of. I wasn't ever sure how I'd style them but being they were so cheap I figured I'd grab them and work it out. That was many months ago, but recently I purchased a pair of high-waisted, ankle crop jeans, and I've been pairing them with those loving the look. These shoes are a little wide for me thanks to my super narrow foot, so I do have to make sure they're tied up tight, and wearing black socks helps, but being so wide I can't wear them for extended periods of time, or least not if I'm walking around a lot, because they don't provide much support on my foot. That said, for most occasions they are fine and I've been loving the look of them and I'm tempted to grab some in other colours and textures.

The Richie Cross Earring // F&H Jewellery
I've also had these for a while after getting them for Christmas last year, but I hadn't yet shared these on here, and I wear these quite a lot, so I thought it was time to show them to you guys. I've always been a bit of a fan of cross designed jewellery (no, not a religious affiliation in anyway), so these immediately appealed to me. Despite being quite big, and feeling a little heavy in the hand, I find them to be quite comfortable in the ear. I wear these on nights out a fair bit, but they can alo work for day-to-day if you've got a simple outfit on.

Erin Zero Frame Sunglasses // Cotton On
These were the other pair I picked up in the two for $25 sale. These aren't a pair I would naturally reach for, but there wasn't much else available that interested me, so I thought I'd try something a little different. I don't wear these as often as the other pair because I think they are a bit more glam and extravagant. However, on days I'm feeling brave I like to pop on these. I also think these would be awesome for a festival or some other similar event.

What have you been loving this past month?

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