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Ecotools Perfecting Blending Duo
I find with these types of sponges they can go either one of two ways, they will either be great or downright terrible. These ones make it on the side of being great. These are advertised with the ability to be used wet or dry, so considering you normally have to dampen most beauty blender type tools, I decided to test them out dry. I tested it using Rimmel's Fresher Skin Foundation and it actually worked perfectly, just as if I'd dampened a regular Beauty Blender. I then used the smaller one with my GENIE Line Smoothing Concealer and that also blended out smoothly. The flat edge makes them perfect for blending product under your eyes, and I have to say these get two big thumbs up from me.

Skinstitut Enzymatic Mirco Peel 
The words Mirco Peel might make this mask sound a little scary, but there's nothing to fear here; only hydration, brightening and exfoliating. This mask didn't make my skin peel, sting or do anything crazy. While I was a tad red in the places I'd had the mask on when I removed it, I didn't have any discomfort either before or after having the mask on, and the redness went away quite quickly. What it did do is leave my skin feeling clean and refreshed.

APPELLES Hibiscus Hand & Body Bar
I have to admit, I don't normally reach for bars of soap when I'm out shopping, I tend to grab a shower gel of some kind. I have to say though APPELLES does make quite a nice bar. It has a nice natural and clean scent, and the packaging is certainly beautiful. However, after using it, my skin felt a bit to clean. You know that sort of squeaky clean feeling you get when you've washed your face a bit too much, that uncomfortable clean feeling, that's how my body felt after using the soap. While it's not the most comfortable feeling, it certainly isn't the worst. If anything it made sure I remebered to use lotion when I got out of the shower, and as it so happens, the next APPELLES product I had to test was in fact a lotion.

APPELLES Davidson Plum Skin Lotion
While I was a bit on the fence about the soap bar, I 100% know how I feel about this product - I love it! The smell is a mixture of fresh and citrus, and it soaks nice and quickly into the skin, leaving you feeling smooth and hydrated. Being that's excatly what you want a body lotion to do, how can I not like it.

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