My Blog Post Creation Process

So many people are blogging these days that to some it might seem like a super simple process, which I can totally understand, especially when there are people out there who manage to put out new content every single day. I can tell you from experience though sometimes it's not the easiest thing, and it's certainly not the shortest process either. For anyone who has ever wondered, today I'm going to talk through the process I go through when putting together a blog post.

I would say that 9 times out of 10, inspiration for a blog post comes pretty easily, I generally have quite a few draft post ideas sitting there waiting for me to write up. In terms of where I get post ideas from, it can vary. I can find ideas and inspiration from posts other people have done, I might have products sitting around that spark an idea, something might just happen in everyday life and it becomes the base for a post, or sometimes they can just come to you, seemingly out of thin air (and when that happens, make sure you write it down on your phone straight away, because you will forget it later). If you're really struggling, there are plenty of blog posts out there simply dedicated to listing some post ideas to get you going.

The order I do this in can vary, pretty much depending on what I feel like doing in the moment. Sometimes I have the overwhelming urge to get something written, and sometimes I just want to play around with my camera and take a bunch of photos.
   When it comes to writing, I generally will sit down and just smash out the entire draft in one sitting, because once I'm on a roll I find I just need to go with it and get it done.
  With photos, I try to do a couple of posts worth in one session. When I'm taking photos, apart from obviously a camera and the products I'm shooting, I'm generally using some pieces of white foam board and/or cardboard as a backdrop and background. I also have a random assortment of props to make the images a little more interesting. These tend to just be pieces of decor sitting around my house, whether that be flowers, some small lights or other random trinkets.

After I've taken the photos and written my first draft, the next big step is doing all the editing. For writing, it's a simple process of reading over my work and correcting any errors and fixing up fonts and placement.
  For photos, I tend to find myself getting into the editing straight after taking the photos because I just can't help myself. I pretty much just edit in Photoshop, brighten up the whites and colours of the photo, making them sharper and getting rid of any blemishes.

Once all the editing is done, I upload the photos, place them how I want and schedule the post. After that, I use my UNUM app to figure out which photo I'll upload to Instagram and all my other social media pages when the post goes live.

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