BHAVE Rescue Treatment Experience

I won’t deny it, hair is a big thing in my life. The time and money I've already spent on it is more than plenty, but it’s gotten it to a place I’m pretty happy with these days. I feel like my hair has been on a journey, but that’s a post for another time. Today I want to specifically talk about my experience of having a BHAVE Rescue Treatment at Alan Coban hairdressing in Sydney.

As a coloured blonde, while I knew my hair probably wasn’t as healthy as it could be, I thought it was pretty good considering. This treatment both confirmed and denied that.

After treating myself to a coffee and some smashed avocado from THR1VE (I'll be basic bitch for life and I don't mind), I headed over to the salon. 

Walking into the salon, I have to say it was just beautiful! It has been designed and set out so gorgeously and you certainly feel like a star getting looked after there.

So just quickly, what is BHAVE Rescue Treatment all about? What makes it different from any other hair treatment you can get at any other salon? Well it all comes down to the keratin they use. BHAVE are the first Australian brand to use bio-active keratin technology, both in their treatments and in their hair care products. Unlike keratin used by other brands, bio-active keratin is almost alive as it can mimic and help regenerate your hair's own natural keratin. Extracted from the wool of New Zealand sheep, because bio-active keratin is almost identical to the kertain found in your own skin and hair, it effortlessly binds to give real benefits and results. You can have this treatment whether your hair is really damaged or not. If it's really damaged, the keratin will penetrate into the hair to help repair the internal structure. If your hair isn't as damaged you will still reap the benefits, as the keratin with remain on the surface on your hair and create a type of protective barrier.

Walking into the salon and sitting down, the first thing my hairdresser for the day, Emma, did was something akin to scanning my hair. Using a camera-like device attached to her laptop, she zoomed right in on my hair strands to assess what kind of state my hair was in. As you would expect, the ends were the worst, the strands of hair looked almost clear, which is the complete opposite of what you want. At my scalp however, they were a more opqaue colour, which should be the case considering the newsest hair on the top of your hair should be the healthiest. Emma noted that, considering I did lighten my hair, it wasn't in to bad a shape. After an assessment of the damage and a little chat about the treatment, it was time to get started.

I headed over to the basin first where Emma shampooed my hair twice. I then went back to my chair and the fun really began. After lathering my hair with the treatment, which looked akin to a dark coloured conditioner, she wrapped up my hair in cling wrap and then pulled out a machine called a MircoMist. The machine somewhat reminded me of the freestanding hair dryer systems you sometimes find in salons, but it certainly didn't do the same thing. After the machine was all warmed up, it started puffing out steam, the idea being that the steam and heat penetrates deep into the hair follicles to help the treatment work its magic. I sat there for about 30 minutes, though the time can vary depending on your hair length.

After this was all done, my hair was unwrapped and I went back to the basin for some conditioner. Emma told me an interesting fact about conditioning that I'd never heard before. She actually did a double condition on my hair in order to ensure the cuticles on my hair were closed after having a more intensive heat applied to my hair, otherwise all the goodness they injected into my hair follicles could easily be lost. Emma then dried and styled my hair, which I have to say she did an amazing job of and I've been trying to replicate it since to no avail.

So was I impressed? Well I think the before and after pictures speak for themselves; I was so highly impressed. My hair looked fuller (as if someone had just thrown some extensions in), my blonde colour looked so much brighter, and overall my hair looked and felt so much healthier. If you're still not sold for some reason after physically seeing the difference, Emma did do another scan at the end to show me the difference internally.

I would highly recommend anyone give this treatment a go. Like I mentioned, whether you have seriously damaged hair, or it's not so bad and you want to keep it that way this BHAVE Rescue Treatment is the perfect way to treat your hair and yourself.

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  1. Procerin is very helpful for the hair treatment. it gives a very good look and helps in the growth of hair to make them stronger.

  2. Great review :)
    But could you also please tell us where those amazing boots are from?
    Thanks xx


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