First Impressions: Alluring Minerals

Discovering new makeup brands is always fun, and one I recently came across was Alluring Minerals. This brand has a range of mineral makeup products from face, to eyes, to lips. As well as being vegan and cruelty free, the benefit of mineral makeup is that it's natural and also helps to combat any skin issues you have while you're wearing it on your skin. While most makeup just clogs up our pores if we're not washing our faces properly and doesn't let our skin really breathe throughout the day, the mineral makeup actually soothes and protects our skin by helping to keep bacteria away. Today I wanted to run through my first impressions on this brand's products after using them for a little while. I'm also planning on uploading an actual makeup look using some of these products, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

For the first product out of the bag, I have to say I was impressed. This concealer pen is super soft and creamy, so it makes for easy application, which is exactly what you want when applying something to your undereye area (there's nothing worse then pulling and tugging at that sensitive skin). It also blended quite easily using my mini beauty blender, just be sure not to pack on to much, because the consistency of this product means it can be prone to looking to cakey if you go overboard. Overall though, I didn't notice any creasing throughout the day while wearing this, and I was very happy with the coverage and lightening it provided.

M i n e r a l  B a k e d  B l u s h  i n  P e a c h  F r o s t
First off, can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this stuff looks; it's almost to good to touch. That beauty definitely transfers to the face as well. I thought this might just give off a soft glow, so I first tried to use this as a highlighter, but I can say the word 'blush' in the name stands true. This does have a bit of pigmentation to it, so definitely stick to using it as a blush. In fact the pigmentation is quite strong, so I find less is more, while using a soft hand, is the best way to go with this product. When you do apply it right though, this stuff does give a beautiful finish. This comes out more a bronze/brown colour, which I like because I tend to use bronzer as a blush over anything with a pink or red tone. It just gives you a nice, healthy, sun kissed glow, which is perfect now that summer has rapidly faded over here in Australia.

M i n e r a l  L i p  &  E y e  P r i m e r
I have yet to try this on my lips, but for the eyes I can say this stuff is a winner. A little goes a long way, though in saying that, if you do squeeze out a little to much (*guilty) this stuff does sink into the skin extremely well as you continue to rub it in. I found shadows also stuck to this stuff like glue. I noticed such a big difference in the way the colour of my shadows stood out when using this stuff, particularly for the lighter colours which can sometimes almost seem to sink and disappear into your skin. This stuff will make them pop while also keeping them in place.

I l l u m i n i s e r
I actually first used this as an eyeshadow because I received a sample pot and immediately assumed it was a small pot of eyeshadow. So I can know tell you this stuff does have dual uses. As an eyeshadow, when you use a primer with it to help the colour stand out, it has a wonderful, natural colour to it. I'm a huge fan of neutral and nude tones on my eye, so I loved this stuff, and the shimmer it gave off was stunning. This also transfers to your cheeks. You don't need a lot to get your glow on, and the nice, light colour means it doesn't leave behind much pigmentation, which is a pet hate of mine with some highlighters; I want shimmer and glow not another blush or bronzer running up my cheek bone.

F i b e r  L a s h  M a s c a r a
This mascara combo was an interesting product that I haven't yet come across before. There are certainly mascaras out there that claims to add fibre to your lashes to help make them longer, but I've never seen them packaged and delivered like this before. With the packages labelled one and two, you start by applying the normal, black liquid mascara, and then follow with the fibres, which stick to the mascara. The second tube is literally just full of little black bits, so it's somewhat relying on the first layer of mascara still being a bit wet so there's something to stick to. So I'd recommend competing one eye at a time, otherwise, if you try to do mascara on both eyes and then go in with the fibres, the mascara can be to dry by the time you get back to it and the fibres have nothing to stick to.
   I think I'm a bit on the fence with this product. Firstly,  I would say avoid putting this stuff on your bottom lashes. I found the little fibres would fall off as I wore the mascara, leaving me with little black specs around my under eye. I did also notice a few sticking to the top part off my eye, and they had a tendency to fall into my eye as I applied them to my top lashes, which is never a fun time. That said, when it does work right, it does give a nice, natural and soft look. So if drama is what you're after this won't be the product for you, but if you can make it work for you and you want a more natural look, something to wear during the day, this could be your go.

W a t e r p r o o f  M i n e r a l  B r o w  P e n c i l  w i t h  S p o o l i e
Unfortunately, though I thought this colour would be right for me considering I'm a blonde, I tend to forget I like a bit of a darker brow than what is probably natural for me, so unfortunately I can't really wear this, however I still tested it out as best I could.
   Though this colour wasn't right for me, I can tell you this is a real good quality brow pencil. It has a more waxy consistency, also it glides on easily. With the right colour, this would easily and smoothly fill in your brows, and if you're like me and like to give some definition and shape around the outside of your brows, this will do so with great precision.

M i n e r a l  D e n s i t y  i n  S a p p h i r e
I've always been a black, liquid liner type of girl, so I was intrigued, and a little scared, to give a cream liner in a blue colour a go. That said, I do think this shade is gorgeous and stunning. I'm still yet to master using a cream liner; this one is quite thick, so it's not such a smooth and simple application as a liquid (well I don't think so anyway, though my makeup skills are quite limited). With the right brush though, this will draw a great line. I even sometimes applied a heap of this onto my lid and packed a bit of a neutral eyeshadow on top and it created this beautiful metallic, blue, shimmery colour. So if you do get your hands on this, have some fun experimenting with it under different powder eyeshadows to see what sort of colours you can create.

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