Don't Wait Until Tomorrow

How often do you say to yourself, I'll do that tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day you're going to start eating better, tomorrow is the day you'll start going for a run in the morning, tomorrow is the day you'll start working towards that dream you always had, tomorrow you'll give that family member or friend you haven't talked to in a while a call. Most of us walk around believing there will always be tomorrow. Sure, 99.9% of the time there will be a tomorrow, but there is still that 1% chance there won't be.

We've all heard, and some of us may think we live by, the idea that life is short, and we all know one day we will die or could die unexpectedly, and yet we still find ourselves in shock when it does come without warning and we still tell ourselves we can do something or start something tomorrow.

One day there will be NO tomorrow, and you may or may not be prepared for it, expecting it. As they say, what would you do if you knew there was going to be no tomorrow?

Sure we all have things that we do need to focus on today, work that does need to be done and responsibilities that need to be fulfilled, but on those days or moments where there is some spare time and we have the opportunity to focus on something we've always wanted to, why not grasp it?

You don't need to wait for a new year or the start of another month to begin something. Sure it can make it feel more like a fresh start, but really, you don't have to wait, just start it now.

Want to start eating better? Clean out your kitchen now, and if you can, go grocery shopping and get yourself all the good food. Want to start exercising more? Go outside and go for a walk or find a spare spot in your house and do some body weight exercises.

Maybe your goal is a little bigger than that. Maybe you want to go travelling somewhere or move somewhere else. Sit down now and start researching, planning and understanding what you need to do in order to make that goal a reality. Don't get stuck researching forever though. When you know what you need to do and organise, when you've saved the money dollars to get that ticket, do yourself a favour and do it!

Sometimes we avoid doing things because they scare us; they are way outside our comfort zone and it can be hard to push yourself there, but you need to. Especially if you have a dream of doing something consistently, I promise that you will be more upset you never tried to make it a reality than if you do and maybe it's not what you expected or don't enjoy it as much as you thought or it's harder than you imagined.

You most likely will have a tomorrow, but eventually your tomorrow's will run out, so don't sit around waiting for it, just do, right now.

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