Dear March ('17)

I feel like things are starting to change.

I started off feeling rushed, but now I feel relaxed.

Nothing really major has happened, expect my learning to appreciate how all the little things add up to something big within themselves. Things truly take time.

When you started, I felt unsettled and unsure about what I was doing and where I was potentially heading or not heading, and I was too focused on what the future should or shouldn’t be. I lost sight of watching how things slowly progress, of being able to look back and see how things are slowly growing and actually heading in a positive direction.

Things don’t always need to be happening in a rush, big moments and achievements don’t always have to be so astonishing to be positive. Some things slowly boil away until one day you turn around and realise just how far you’ve come and just have much things have grown and changed. As long as the work is continually given, the effort continually put in, good things will eventually come.

As you came to a close oh-so-quickly, I felt my creativity be reignited, my passion for things found again. Inspired by both my choosing to spend more time quieting my mind and by the energy of those around me.

Taking time to read again and enjoy the things I never felt I had time to do anymore until now, truly focusing on what I feel like doing in that moment, has helped to calm my mind and not worry so much. If anything, taking a good period of time to reset myself would be nothing but beneficial. Everyone is on a different path in life, so while those around you may doing different things, seemingly progressing faster, progressing better, everyone gets to where they’re suppose to be going one way or another eventually.

I feel myself being more accepting and embracing the situation I'm in, how good it really is, how lucky I really am to the option of doing whatever it is I feel like. Big things may not come fast, it may take a few more months, but I think im starting to feel okay with that.

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