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When it comes to skin and skincare, I'm quite lucky in that I can generally use almost any type of product, and my skin will react pretty well to it; I've only had a couple of bad experiences in my time where products haven't properly cleaned my skin and left me breaking out as a result. For some people though, I know the struggle with skincare can be real, especially if you suffer from acne or some other skin condition that needs real treatment. Sometimes just picking up any old product from the shelf won't cut it, you need something with a little more grunt behind it. There are quite a few brands around now that can offer more professional formulated products, that contain ingredients that are made to really tackle temperamental skin. Obviously if you have a real problematic skin condition that you want fixed, you should certainly head to a doctor or dermatologist and see what they have to recommend, but if you're at a stage where you're just looking yourself for something new to try, I've got a couple of brands to recommend. They tend to fall on the pricer side of the spectrum, but if anything is worth spending money, especially if it's a bit temperamental, it's your skin, because after all you do have to live with it for your entire life.


I've used a number of products from this range, and I've always been impressed, which is no surprise considering it's the number one choice for most skin care professionals. This brand helped take skin care from a cosmetic concern to a real health issue to be taken seriously, and they never put anything cheap and nasty like artificial colours, fragrances or mineral oils in their products. They have products to suit all skin types and a wide range of skin issues, and are constantly releasing more.

This product is one of the latest releases from the brand and probably one of my favourite so far. I've used the Daily Mircofoliant before (read down further to hear more about that) and loved it, but I think I prefer this Superfoliant if I was to choose between the two. First off, it pretty much has no smell to it, which is a massive difference from the Mircofoliant, and I kind of love the black colour of it (which isn't a major turning point for your skin, I just personally like it). The exfoliation beads are only small and feel nice and light on the skin, which is why it's totally fine to use daily. I've really noticed a great reduction in dry, flaky skin, particularly around my nose area, since using a product like this every day; I couldn't recommend it enough; totally worth the money.

I just briefly mentioned this one above, and I certainly love this product. While I think I will probably be reaching more for the superfoliant from now on, this is a classic tried and true product. The thing I've never enjoyed about this product (though I'm able to push past it because of the great results this product gives) is the smell; it is literally like I'm putting crushed panadol all over my face. It should be a deal breaker, but the effects of this product actually outweigh that negative. Again, the exfoliation beads are only small so it's fine for daily use. The difference with this product compared to the superfoliant is that it also aims to brighten and smooth your skin as well as exfoliate. I think, when it comes to choosing between the two, it's all about trying them out for yourself and seeing which one suits you best, but again I was highly impressed and would recommend it to anyone considering it.

I've also raved about this product on my blog before and currently have it in my cleansing routine. As the name suggests, the product comes out as a gel, and using the smallest about, it foams up nicely on the face. I'm always hesitate with gel cleansers, as I've had a few in my time that didn't foam at all and left my skin feeling like I hadn't even washed my face, but I'm happy to say no such thing happens with this product. As well as getting your skin squeaky clean, the gel contains calming balm mint and lavender to help soothe your skin and any redness from breakouts you may be having.

This is a new brand to me, and I'm yet to try some more products from their range (keep your eyes peeled on the blog for that), but I do have one product I've used and would certainly recommend.

This is the first product I ever tried from the Medik8 brand and the formula really intrigued me. The white powder that comes out has a slight exfoliation to it, but when you mix it with the smallest drop of water and massage it into your face, it also feels like sherbet; it also has quite a pleasant smell. It's the funniest feeling, and I've never come across a cleanser with such a texture, but it certainly does the job and leaves my skin feeling super clean.

Anyone who knows me or reads my blog knows I'm a BIG face mask fan. I've always had a particular love for clay masks, but recently I've been getting more and more into sheet masks for helping to rehydrate my skin, and I have some favourites from Skin Republic to share. The best part is they won't actually break the bank to hard. All the masks are scientifically formulated, derma-logically tested and are hypoallergenic, and they seem to have something to help everything from your eyes to your feet.

Apart from making you look a little funny when you have them on, these under eye patches aim to decrease dark circles and puffiness while reducing fine lines and wrinkles; everything you want when treating your delicate under eye area. The patches themselves are a light green colour and quite sticky, so they certainly won't come off your face during the half an hour that you leave them on. There are three pairs in a packet, and an important added bonus is they're not tested on animals.

If you're looking for something super hydrating, look no further than this baby. Packed with Sea Minerals as well as collagen (duh), argan oil and anti-aging serum, this mask will also help smooth and plump your face to bring out a more youthful look; it's worth it despite looking like some kind of creepy serial killer while wearing it, I promise.

Really want to tackle those fine lines and wrinkles? Consider trying this one out. Packed with serum full of all the good stuff including, marine collagen, vitamin E and elastin, you're skin is going to be left not only feeling hydrated, but also boosted in the fight against fine lines and wrinkles.

If you have more sensitive skin, then this is a brand to consider checking out. Most of their products are infused with Thermal Spring Water which is great at soothing skin and is full of awesome anti-oxidants. Most of their products and the ingredients they use are also drawn from current medical research and they always carry out numerous clinical tests, so you can be sure you're spending your money on the good stuff.

We all know how awesome micellar water can be at cleaning the skin, especially when it comes to removing makeup at the end of the day. Sometimes you can run the risk of being left feeling pretty dry after using them, and while you normally do follow with a moisturiser of some kind, it's still never a good sign if a product is drying out your skin at any stage of your routine. Safe to say this stuff won't do that; what it will do is help effortlessly remove your makeup and help reduce any redness in your skin. It also has no added fragrances or parabens, so nothing nasty is going on your face.

If you have sensitive or allergy prone skin, then this night moisturiser just might be perfect for you. Not only does this product have their famous Thermal Spring Water within it, it also has Neuroensine, which really tackles skin irritations caused by dryness. Using this product can really help to reduce any skin sensitives you may have.

Essentially this is the day-time alternative to the product above. It's more light weight which is what makes it perfect for day time use, but you still get a load of benefits. This stuff will keep your face hydrated throughout the day while also working to soothe your skin to help give you relief from any skin irritations or allergies you may suffer.

I've used a couple of products from this brand before, and I currently have their Eye Duo in my skincare routine. The beauty of this is there are two products in one, a day eye cream and a night eye cream. While this product is certainly on the pricer side, you can't put a price on taking care of the sensitive little skin around your eye area that can easily wrinkle and age without proper care; it's all about prevention. The AM side is all about helping to calm your under eye, getting rid of puffiness and dark circles, while tightening and firming to help you look more alive to the world during the day. The PM side is all about regenerating while you sleep, to help reduce any wrinkles and fine lines.

I've already used my whole tube of this stuff, so I can tell you this is good shit. This contains little exfoliation beads with are perfectly fine to use on the daily; the beads are also biodegradable, so a big thumbs up for being environmentally-friendly. This product will help unclog your pores and boost your cellular turnover to leave you with cleaner and brighter looking skin.

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