Learn Something New Everyday (Feb '17)

Learning something new doesn't have to be a mammoth task, it doesn't have to be physically making something or learning quantum physics. Little facts, little nuggets of knowledge, bits of interesting trivia to add to my brain. I've been writing down something new that I've learnt each day in a notebook and as the end of February has rolled around I wanted to share with you all the little bits and pieces I've learnt.

I feel like it never hurts to learn more bits and pieces about things, and you just never know what one discovery might lead you to find out next. I think it can be particularly helpful if you're struggling to find something you're passionate about, something you want to follow or build in life, or simply something to grab on to as a side hobby. Just wandering around the Internet and picking up random bits of knowledge about all the different parts of life just might lead you to that discovery.

So far it's been super fun learning about random things, and while not every single fact may be 100% useful to my life as a whole, I still find joy in learning about it. Sometimes, while I may just write down a brief note about what I've learnt, if it really interests me I'll go off on an Internet tangent and spend more time researching and learning more. I'm excited at the idea that I might be able to pass on some new knowledge to all of you, and if this is something that interests you, jump on board and next month we can all share what we've learnt.

1/2/2017 - Box Breathing: a navy seal technique
2/2/2017 - biofuels: made from many byproduct and recycled oils
3/2/2017 - 80/20 rule: you receive of 80% value from 20% of the activities you do
4/2/2017 - Parkinson's Law: task seems more complex the longer you leave it
5/2/2017 - Reticular Activation System: allows you to see what you focus your thoughts on
6/2/2017 - Antartica is the largest desert in the world
7/2/2017 - Antartica is the only continent without reptiles
8/2/2017 - Antarctica has a water full that runs red
9/2/2017 - you cannot work in Antartica unless you have your wisdom teeth and appendix removed
10/2/2017 - Antartica has no time zone
11/2/2017 - a flock of crows is called a murder
12/2/2017 - Pteronophobia is the fear of being tickled by feathers
13/2/2017 - when hippos are upset their sweat turns red
14/2/2017 - Facebook Addiction Disorder is a recognised disorder
15/2/2017 - Cherophobia is the fear of fun
16/2/2017 - the average woman uses her height in lipstick every five years
17/2/2017 - you cannot snore and dream at the same time
18/2/2017 - brown eyers are blue underneath
19/2/2017 - a blot of lightening is 6x hotter than the sun
20/2/2017 - only 2% of the Earth's population naturally have green eyes
21/2/2017 - children have more taste buds than adults
22/2/2017 - eyes move every 50 seconds
23/2/2017 - an ant's sense of smell is stronger than a dog;s
24/2/2017 - snail's breathe through their feet
26/2/2017 - a polar bear's fur is transparent not white
27/2/2017 - smiling boosts your immune system
28/2/2017 -1/3 of the world's languages are only spoken in Africa

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