Got Wood?

Winter is coming, and I'm not just referencing the fact that I'm super excited that the new Game of Thrones season is getting closer. In Australia, those hot days on the beach and crisp summer nights are coming to an end, and worst of all the days are already starting to get shorter. I'm personally not the biggest fan of winter, I wish we could just have sorchers all year round. However there are some little perks of the colder months that I have to admit I enjoy; wood fires, chai lattes and cozy nights in on the couch. To start giving your life a little bit of winter feels I've gathered some bits and bobs from  my place that can bring both some winter and wooden vibes to your place.

I’m certainly not a habitual watch wearer by any means, but I can definitely appreciate them as a good accessory every now and then. To be honest, most of my watches don’t even have the right time set on them, unless someone I know has become overly annoyed at the fact and done it for me. I was blown away by this company as soon as I opened my package; not only is the watch beautiful, the entire box, down to the instructions, have had time and thought put into them. The watch itself comes in a beautiful wooden box with a magnetic lid and a little drawer compartment so you can easily store your cloths and the wood oil they provide to keep your watch in tiptop shape.

The watch itself sits nice and comfortable on your wrist, and it’s thin strap means it isn’t obnoxious looking. JORD have a variety of woods and face designs to choose from. The brand clearly put a lot of time, care and love into the products, so if you’re a fan of accessories with a textured look to them, I’d highly recommend checking JORD out. If you do love the darker colour wood, you can grab one for yourself here.

If you’re looking for something to display a special photo or two, and you want to add a little wooden texture to your d├ęcor, this Anesbury Card Frame from Corner Block Studio. The lovely Natalie sent one over to me, and I think it's so simple but goregous. She has various sizes, including some to hold books or record covers, so you can make something you already have into an awesome piece of wall art.

I’ll admit, this is my one of my housemates, but it smells so good and I love it so much that I had to include it; shout out to housemates with on-point candle taste. So not only does the Vanilla Bean scent smell delicious, the other niffy thing about this candle is the sound it makes. The wick crackles just like real wood on a fire; some may find it irritating, but I personally love having it burning in the background while reading or getting some work done.

Moving somewhat away from the winter vibes, and heading more into the realm of things with purely a wooden look, it's time to give a shoutout to Ecotools. I have a few of their brushes and I love them for a number of reasons.

First of all, the brush quality is on point; they're super soft and apply makeup beautifully, all while helping the environment. The handles are made from recycled bamboo, all their packagaing is 100% tree-free and they're all cruetly free!

If you can't get enough of your music like me, than this speaker from Typo, with a wooden-look finish, is for you. This little bluetooth device sticks to your glass shower screen and lets you jam out to your favourite tunes while in the shower. 

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