Book Review: first, we make the beast beautiful by Sarah Wilson

I picked up this book from the shelves of the store and tapped my card (it doesn't seem appropriate or relevant to say I swiped my card anymore) thinking that this was going to be a good book. Some might think that this means I came into it with a bias; maybe; or maybe I actually just came into it with a really high expectation which meant it was going to have to be really, really, really good to make me give it a thumbs up and a recommendation.

The book is called first, we make the beast beautiful and it's written by Sarah Wilson, which most people probably know as the lady who famously wrote the I Quit Sugar books. This book however has nothing to do with healthy lifestyle and good looking food, instead it tells a story about Sarah's battle with anxitey. I heard about this book after it seemed every news outlet was suddenly doing stories on the seemingly large amount of people we have in Australia suffering from the condition, and Sarah and her book where coming up on every single one of them; I was sold and I needed to read.

So to put it in a nutshell, I LOVED this book. If you have ever suffered from anxiety, depression, stress, or are looking to understand any of those better and learn about them in a way where you won't just have people throwing stats and wacky terms at you, this is the book for you.

Sarah Wilson explains her feelings and emotions and tells her stories and battles so well. You feel like you're having a conversation with her, expect obviously one where she's just doing all the talking and you're listening, but you highly enjoy it.

I think, no matter what life expereince or understanding you are coming to this book with, you will walk away with something; whether you've learnt something new or understood something better.

It's one of those books that you keep on your bookshelf and you come back to whenever you start experieicning tough moments in life, almost like that best friend you turn to for a chat when things starting getting a bit to rough.

I don't really want to give anything away about what Sarah talks about in these pages, because I think it's such a beautiful read to go to with no real knowledge of excatly what you're getting into, but I can guarantee if any of the above illnesses I mentioned interest you or personally affect you or someone who know, you will find this book a brilliant read.

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