Banish Those Blemishes

Most of us probably think of treating blemishes as something that we do once they've appeared on our face and ruined our lives. However, treatment should be viewed as a preventative thing more than a reactive thing. Having a good skin care routine, especially if you're a makeup wearer, can go a long way to making sure your face stays fairly blemish free. To help you get in the habit, Medik8 have a great little Blemish Starter Kit that has all the steps you need for a preventative skincare routine.

beta Cleanse - Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser
This cleanser aims to remove any dirt, oil, makeup and impurities from your skin without leaving it feeling dry. It aims to help unclog your pores while respecting your skin's natural oils and ensuring it doesn't strip them away. I'm not generally a massive foam cleanser fan, something about them to me leaves me feeling like it can't have really tackled any dirt or impurities on my skin that hard, I tend to prefer something with a bit more grit and that creates more of a soapy lather. For me, as someone who double cleanses, this is a product I would use for my second round of cleansing if I had a day were I didn't wear to much makeup, or would just use twice on my makeup free days. After using it either way I have to say my skin certainly feels clean afterwards, though, for a product that says it exfoliates, I can't feel any sort of small beads or anything in the product when I'm rubbing it onto my face. This stuff also has a quite citrusy scent, which I think may come form the tea tree oil, which I quite like.

Hydr8 B5 - Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin B5 Serum
This serum aims to give your skin a big hydration boost while also re-establishing the natural hydro-balance in your skin which gives you texture, suppleness and luminosity. This stuff felt really nice to massage onto my skin and dried quite quickly. I'm such a fan of using serums in my skincare routine these days; I've noticed such a difference in the overall quality of skin since I've introduced them. This stuff can feel a little oily when you first apply, which I have to admit scared me thanks to my not so lovely history with oily skin, but it sunk into my skin really well and hasn't broken me out like some oily products can.

Retinol 3TR - Advanced Night Serum
This serum is an extra step for you to add in when you're doing your skincare routine at night, Popping this on before the Hydr8 B5, the serum aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help to speed up the natural peeling process of dead skin cells. This one can also feel quite oily, like the Hydr8 B5, but just like that product also, it sinks into the skin really well without leaving any oily residue behind.

beta Moisturise - Skin Balancing Mattifying Moisturiser
I tend to use this stuff during the day to keep my oils at bay, and use a more specific night time moisturiser at night. You can feel it mattifying your skin as soon as you apply it, and it sinks quickly and easily into your skin. I certainly notice my skin looks less shiny throughout the day, with or without makeup, when I use a product like this. It aims to help keep your skin hydrated without clogging up your pores, while also having anti-inflammatory properties and encouraging cell regeneration and repair.

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