I Want To Be Published

Title; tentative. Story; non-existent. Characters; in progress Words on paper; absolutely none. Planning; really needs to get started.

I have always wanted to write a book. Since I knew writing was something I was in love with I’ve wanted to take the time to think of an amazing story, get it written down and see my name printed on the front of a dust cover, see my words in published form. This year is shaping up to be a bit of a chilled year compared to the last five (thanks to struggling through finishing a law degree) and really it’s the perfect time to at least try and start doing something about this dream.

I made absolutely no progress in this area for the month of January, so I’m making February 1st, 2017 my official starting date, and I’m putting it up on the blog to hopefully hold myself more accountable for getting it done. I know writing a book is certainly not something that happens over night, and I’ve heard how discouraged you get can with a process that takes so long. I wanted to try and not let myself get demotivated and make this huge undertaking seem more achievable, so I’ve come up with a plan.

I’m going to give myself a daily goal for working on the book. For these planning stages, I’m thinking I need to set aside, maybe, two hours a day, one if I’m really busy, to do some planning and start bringing the story together. When I finally get into writing, or if I get keen early and want to start writing random bits and pieces, I’m going to set the goal of 400 words a day, which once you’re on a writing roll is not hard to smash out, and in fact is probably really easy to exceed. But I think the key is to not make the goals to challenging and daunting, especially for a mammoth task like this. Keep them small, simple and easy to smash so that when you’re done with it for the day you feel super positive and motivated to keep on working.

I think with this I also want to get into a routine. I find, especially when it comes to writing, I’m super focused and motivated first thing in the morning, so I think that’s prime time for me to attack this project each day. I don’t want to keep myself cooped up inside each time I’m working on it though, I want to take this moment to really experience little cafes and cute nooks around where I live, and plus I think getting out, sitting around people and watching your surroundings can provide so much inspiration. So I think I want to create the habit or routine of getting up in the morning, having a quick breakfast and maybe doing a few little emails and other little chores while I eat, getting myself ready, then picking up my laptop and driving somewhere to sit for a few hours and be with my book. I’ve never had the true freedom to make a routine like that until now, and so I’m declaring here on the Internet, which means I have to do it, that I’m going to start this now. I might even keep a little journal or notes on where I go each day and I what I got done, something little that will be super interesting to look back on when I’m done, but also something to view as I go along in those moments where I feel like I’m achieving nothing. I can look back and see how far I’ve really come and keep on pushing.

I want to start a type of bullet journal dedicated to my book and all it’s planning and notes as well, so I have this little contained memory for the rest of my life.

So I said February 1st was my starting day. By the time your reading this, that day will have come and gone, and I should have visited a coffee shop or two by then, but for today, I’m going to make writing this post and making this plan as step one in my published work creation. It’s got me excited and all I want to do now, on this dreary day, is grab my laptop and huddle up in the corner of a coffee infused shop somewhere, but there are other things that need my attention today. So for now, this is day one, here’s to working to getting my name in print.

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