Blorange is the New Black

Sources say that a trend we're going to be seeing a lot of in the hair community this year is Blorange. 2016 was all about peachy tones and soft pinks, and it seems 2017 is going to be taking those two and mashing them together. A flattering pastel combination of peach and rose, that will compliment any skin tone. It's already been rocked by the likes of Gigi Hadid and Nyane Lebajoa, so you know it's about to go viral on the gram. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not shy to add a bit of colour to my hair, so of course I had to give this trend a go. Orange isn't normally a colour I'd reach for when choosing a pastel shade, but the packaging of this Dare Temporary Hair Colour in No 12 Peach Party made me excited to give it a go. I did my usually routine of mixing some of the dye with a heap of conditioner to give it that pastel look. As I wasn't sure if I could handle full blown orange straight up, I mixed a little bit of my pink Brite Organix Semi Permanent dye, as well. If you're following along, make sure you use the tiniest, and I mean the tiniest, drop of pink, otherwise this colour will completely overpower any oraange tones and just leave you just looking pink, which isn't a bad thing but not what we're going for.

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