After 2am (ft TOBI)

As the clock struck 2am, the alcohol was no longer her friend;

The one she loved didn't show and the who'd loved was no longer at home;

The one she loved didn't care at all and the who'd loved didn't care anymore;

Blonde, knotty hair and makeup faded, but at least into the early hours of the morning she'd made it;

She jumped in a cab and as it pulled away from the curb the drink made her lose all her nerve;

She cried silent tears in the back seat and directed the driver down her street;

Walking in the door she pulled off her coat, undoing the little black dress she loved the most;

Water, shower and into bed she crawled, vowing not to do this anymore;

But we all know how the story goes, next weekend she'll be back in the those heels, walking precariously on her toes;

But you'll never find love among those sweaty, four walls, only someone who will never call.


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