Make Me A Mermaid (ft GHD)

While long hair can cause you to overheat, constantly get tangled and be a beast to control, one of the best things about choosing to have long locks is the fun hairstyles you get to play around with. Truth be told I don’t tend to be very adventurous when it comes to my hair; it’s generally either straightened, a natural wavy mesh or tied up ready to hit the gym or because I’ve just had enough of it. When some new GHD products arrived in the mail recently though and I had some time to kill before a coffee date, I decided to change it up a bit. It’s nothing super extravagant because choosing to not bother much with my hair has left me lacking in the hair styling skills department, but I decided to try a bit of a fishtail half up-half down do.

After freshly washing my hair, I give it a light dry so it was still slightly damp and then began adding products before I completely dry it off. I have coloured blonde hair, so it’s important for me to keep a good hair care routine so my hair doesn’t start breaking off and dry up to a crisp. I started by adding the GHD Heat Protector Spray. I think no matter what kind of hair you have, colour treated or not, it’s always important to put a heat protector through your hair, especially if you’re planning on blow drying, straightening or curling. Heat isn’t a friend to any hair type, so help a brother out and keep it as protected as possible.

I then sprayed on a little of the GHD RootLift Spray. I don’t often use volumising products and when I do I use them sparingly because my hair is coloured treatment is naturally a litter drier than most, meaning my hair tends to hold a bit of volume on its own. However the hair right at my scalp can still look a little flat, so I applied just a couple of sprays right at the base.

The last step before continuing drying was to add in some of the GHD Advanced Split End Therapy. I’ve had bad experiences with split ends ruining my hair to the point it wouldn’t grow but instead kept getting shorter and shorter. Learning from that experience, I tend to keep on top of my split ends pretty well now, regularly giving my ends a little trim to remove any. However products like these help to keep any split ends at bay, and generally help to nourish the end of your hair, which tends to be driest and most damaged section. From there I finished blow drying my hair using the GHD Size 4 Ceramic Vented Radial Brush. The benefit of using a brush like this is that the ceramic holds heat for longer, making drying your hair quicker and easier. The round style of the brush can also help with increasing volume as you dry. After straightening my hair it was styling time.

As I’m going for a half up-half down look, the first thing to do is a grab a tail comb or something similar, I’m using the GHD Tail Comb. Use this to section off the top part of your hair and pull it into a small ponytail. 

Then it’s time to tackle the fishtail braid. I figured me trying to explain how to create one in words would be to complicated, so instead I’ve grabbed a diagram from Pinterest which I used to help me remember how to do it, and I figured would be a much more straight forward explanation for you guys. 

Taking out the hairband and holding on to the section of hair we just pulled together, begin creating a fishtail braid all the way down the length of the hair, securing at the end.  To give the braid a bit more volume and for a bit of a messy, less put-together look, you can pull at the sections of the braid to loosen them, as well as run your hand from the bottom of the braid to the top a couple of times to make the hairs a little more messy. If however you like a clean cut look, you don’t have to do any of the above. To help keep those stray hairs from getting to out of control during the day, and to give the braid a little added strength, I sprayed on some of the GHD Curl Hold Spray. As the name suggests, it’s a hairspray type product that was created to keep curls in place, but just like hairspray, it’s a versatile product that you can use to help keep any sort of hair style in place. After giving the rest of your hair that isn’t the braid a quick brush over to bring it all together, you’re looking fierce and ready to go!

This look is quite simple, and once you get a hang of creating a fishtail braid can become quite a quick one to, yet the pattern of the braid and the half up look gives your style just a little more 'wow' factor to add some flair to your day.

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