Dear January ('17)

Your end is nearly here, so I decided to sit down and do a little reflection on how my first month of 2017 has been.

Now, I hate to sound so bloody clique, but it seems the older I get the more this begins to ring true; man did you go quick.

I remember sitting down at one point and realising there was only two weeks until you were over, and now here we are, so close to starting February already. I still remember so vividly anticipating you back in 2016 and thinking about how I was going to change things up online and embrace life more. While I certainly stuck to my goals and changed up my online presence and the type of content I'm delivering, I sort of feel like I didn't achieve much during your time; I feel like you went to quick for me to figure out exactly what I needed to do to feel accomplished.

You're always a weird and confusing time of the year as it takes a while for people to get back to their regular routines and for society to just generally start functioning as it was again. Despite trying to focus on the little things I have to admit I'm not overly impressed with you, but I'm going to use this as hopefully a push for February, so when I sit down to write at the end of that month, hopefully I feel quite different to how I do know. There's also still a few goals I'm still yet to get off the ground, so hopefully February is the time when they take off.

I didn't get back into my fitness routine as quickly as I wanted, and this late start makes me feel like I haven't managed to achieve much in that area. I did manage to get around to incorporating more yoga into my life which was a big thing I wanted to do this new year, so I guess I just need to learn to appreciate the small things.

And I think that's problem. I think because nothing majorly life changing or extraordinary happened during your time, I think I haven't achieved anything, but maybe if I look closer at the litte things and appreciate them I'll realise I did manage to do something.

I feel like I was more social and generally got outdoors and to the beach more while you were here, which was another goal I had mentally commitment myself to, so I guess that's something as well. I made new friends and reignited old connections, and something inside me is telling me that these will bring some really positive outcomes in the months ahead.

There's little to no activity on the job front still, and I'm still in quite a confused mindset on exactly what next step I should take, and want to take, to keep pushing some sort of career forward. I'm hoping by the end of February the light is a little brighter in that corner.

Don't think that because I don't feel like I didn't achieve much that I'm just completely disappointed with you; I'm not. I guess at the end of the day I did manage to implement some of my personal goals, some a little more slowly than others, and now it's time to keep pushing with them so by the end of February I feel like I've really achieved something in those areas, and hopefully had something else grow in my life.

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