Bali Travel Diary - Part 5

This is part five of my Bali travel diary, if you haven't read the others yet you can check them out here /1/2/3/4

I have to admit, we didn't do much with ourselves on day five of our trip, it was a lot of lounging and eating, so this post might be a bit of a short one.

Day five of our trip started with a relaxing morning enjoying the beauty of our villa. After a nice breakfast and spending the morning swimming, reading and generally lounging about, it wasn't until lunch time that we decided to head out. My friends had heard about this Mexican place called Motel Mexicola they wanted to try out, so we decided to head there.

Grabbing a taxi and pulling up out the front the Mexican place, we knew we were in the right spot. I don't think this place could have packed anymore colour into it if it tried, yet somehow it still looked super cool and not just a complete mess. I honestly cannot describe this place to you in detail, because frankly there were just to many for my eyes and brain to take in, and the ones I can think of, I just don't know where to start. There will be pictures down below though and I think they'll help you understand exactly what I mean. The whole vibe of the place was a mix of Mexican, vintage, hippie and rock 'n' roll... oh an a bit of Hawaiian.

Something I do remember when walking through the entrance was the huge wax mountain that greeted us. With candles smashed within it, on the wall above were pictures of music Gods like Hendrix; it felt almost shrine like. Heading around to right was the cashier and bar which opened up onto an outdoor dining area, with both undercover and open air sections. There was also an upstairs section where we decided to sit. Climbing the staircase was an experience in itself; a myriad of colours, neons, pictures of Jesus and hawaiian themes.

For food we all decided to grab ourselves what I believed was called the Banquet - a five course meal with either meat, fish or vegetarian options. I know five courses sounds like a lot, but the portions were small and manageable. I have to say my favourite thing was hands down the soft tacos. I could have just ordered a plate of them and I would have been more than happy. We somehow managed to spend a good few hours there before we eventually realised we should probably get a move on.

By this time it was later on in the afternoon and we didn't have much planned, so we decided to just start walking up the street back towards a big shopping complex called Seminyak Village, that we had past on our drive over.

As we walked along we stopped at various stalls and shops, often times heading inside places to simple beat the heat for a moment. As we approached the main shopping complex, we all stopped at Sisterfields Coffee just outside, with most of us grabbing a much needed iced coffee. Eventually getting inside the main mall, it was the first shopping area I had seen that trip which really resembled something you could find back home. It honestly just looked like a smaller version of a Westfield. We wandered around for a little bit checking out all the shops, but everything in the mall was basically your average Australian prices, and there was nothing there that I didn't feel like I couldn't get something similar at home.  When we eventually decided to leave, we choose to walk just a little further down the road we were on to check out some of the other nearby shops before grabbing taxis back to our villa.

We eventually stopped in at a place called FERN, and I finally made my first purchase for the trip that wasn't food, drinks or transport. I got myself a cute little silver ring with an arrow design on it. The shop actually had so many amazing rings, and I'm looking forward to the day they open an online store so I can grab more. For the quality of them they were a really good price.

After we finished up there, we walked down a little further and found ourselves inside one of those infamous Bali DVD shops. I actually brought a bunch of DVDs when I had been in Bali previously. Back when Netflix wasn't a thing I'd brought a bunch of TV series and I'm always surprised by the quality of them, and the fact they actually work. Every disc in the store cost a dollar, and we were told there was a deal on that if you brought 10 discs either four of them were free, or you could get an extra four for free, something like that. One of my friends wanted to take advantage of it to grab her young nieces and nephews something, so as she spent time looking around the myriad of DVDs looking for something to choose, I eventually found myself sucked in to buying some.  I do want to give props to the guys who ran this particular store (it was just down the road from Seminyak Village if you're ever in the area), because they were great at letting us know which DVDs weren't of the best quality and which were. Generally it was the movies that had really only just been released in the cinema that were supposedly bad quality. A couple of us ended up picking up the first season of WestWorld for only $2! I've since watched it all, and while it's not HD quality, it's still perfectly viewable and fine, and as a side note I absolutely loved the show! We eventually made our way out and decided to head back to the villa.

When we got back, the rest of the afternoon until dinner pretty much just consisted of swimming and lounging around. We decided for dinner we wanted to grab some food from the shops around the corner from us again, but most of us were feeling lazy after showering and feeling refreshed and comfortable on the lounge, so we decided to try basically the Bali version of UberEats called GO-JEK. The way it works is very similar to UberEats in that you find the stores you want food from, place your order, the app finds you a driver who comes to you first to grab the money and double check your order. They then go off, get the food and bring it back to you. Grabbing food from Wacko Burger and KZU again, we decided we all really wanted to check out WestWorld and so watched the first two episodes before deciding we were pooped and heading to bed.

Stayed tuned for Part 6 to find out about the amazing beach paradise we happened upon and how the first sickness of the trip began.

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