Pamper Yourself

Who doesn't enjoy a good night of pampering themselves? If you just answered 'me' to that question, sorry we can't be friends anymore. But seriously, some nights I want nothing more than to sit on the couch, catch up on some TV series or a documentary on Netflix I've been dying to watch while giving myself a little pamper night. It can also be a fun thing to do with your friends when going out to town and getting hammered just isn't sparking your interest. I also love trying out new skincare and haircare products, particularly things like face masks and treatments; it always leaves me feeling super refreshed and sort of glamorous afterwards. If this has sparked your interest and you want to treat yourself some night soon, or you're planning on having a fun night in with your friends, I've got a couple of products to recommend.

I have tried so many Biore products over the years and I can't sing their praises enough; no bad experience comes to mind when I think of them. Not only do they have a huge range of skincare products, they are also super affordable and so easy to get your hands on; I tend to find them in almost every supermarket or drugstore I walk in to; so they're perfect if you're wanting to have a pamper night and don't want to blow the bank. 

A couple of my favourite products are the Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips and the Self-Heating One Minute Mask. The Deep Cleansing Pore Strips were the first pore strips I used and were honestly the only ones I could find for a long time. When used correctly these babies really pull the crap out of the pores on and around your nose. I find the most effective way to use them is to the take a really warm cloth and hold it over your nose to open up your pores. Then put the strip on and really make sure it is stuck into all the crevasses of your nose and then pat over the strip with the same damp cloth. Wait till its completely dry and harden and then pull it off from the bottom up. There is something so weirdly satisfying about seeing all the little specks of dirt pulled out from your nose even though it's probably quite gross.

The Self-Heating One Minute Mask is quite fun and intrigued me the first time I used one. You basically put the product onto your face and massage it in for about a minute. You'll feel it heat up; it doesn't getting super hot, just quite warm, and it's the funniest feeling the first time you use it. I like to then let it sit just for another couple of minutes and then wipe it off. 

Pamper nights don't just have to mean putting on face masks, you can treat your hair as well. As someone who has coloured blonde hair, I love putting a nice treatment in my hair and letting it sit. You can throw a hair mask on first and let it sit while you do your skincare, and then wash it all off in one go. One hair treatment I'd recommend is Bambi & Sammi. If you wanna find out more about it and my experience with it click here; also the girls who run the brand are super lovely, which is even more incentive to support them.

Going back to skincare, if you really want to treat yourself consider checking out the Atom Ghassoul Clay Mask. This stuff is a bit more expensive than the Biore products, but if you really want a deep detoxing mask, this is one to consider checking out. You can find out more about my experience with it here. If you're having a night with your friends you could split the price of this mask between all of you to make it super cheap.

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