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If you haven't guessed already, I love trying new haircare bits. While my hair probably hates me for it and probably wishes I'd just pick some good staples and settle down, I find it super fun, and currently I've been trying out some products from MUK.

I actually use this as a normal conditioner rather than a treatment thanks to my thirsty coloured blonde hair. I'm use to having to sit with either treatments or conditioners in my hair for ages to ensure they hydrate and deknot my hair, so when this stuff claimed to only need to be used for one minute I was intrigued to see if it could stand up to the test of my hair. Safe to say I was impressed. Whether I used this product on its own, or mixed it in with some remnants from old conditioners I'm trying to use up, this stuff left my hair feeling smooth, soft and fairly knot-free.

I've recently got back in to putting leave in conditioning products in my hair after washes, rather than simply drying and straightening it and just putting some oil in the ends afterwards. Using a product like this I definitely notice a difference in my hair once I'm done styling, or even if I leave it to air dry. It doesn't feel as dry and it doesn't knot as easily. It just generally sits and looks a lot nicer when I just take the extra minute to put this product through my hair.

Thermal Protector
I've always stood by the fact that it's super important to put a heat protecting product through your hair, especially if you have coloured blonde hair or some other light tone. Even if you just plan to give your hair a quick run through with a hair dryer, if you're constantly not protecting your hair before applying heat, sooner or later you're going to start noticing damage. I've noticed that with some heat protectors they can leave my hair feeling a bit dry or a bit crunchy and weird after I've dried my hair, but I'm  happy to say this one isn't one of those. After drying my hair using this product, it just feels normal, nice and soft and smooth.

20 In 1 Miracle Treatment
This product makes a lot of promises, and a lot of promises that sounded perfect for my hair, so it had a lot to live up to in my books. This is another leave-in treatment, which I actually love because I never manage to set aside enough time for those that you need to leave in for 10 - 20 minutes and then wash out, so something like this is much more convenient. I would pop this in before drying my hair, and I have to say I've highly enjoyed using it. While I don't think it did any sort of miracle transformation on my hair, it did help keep it more soft, smooth and tangle-free compared to if I don't use any treatment at all. Also a lot of its benefits come from keeping your hair protected while it's in your hair, so I feel a bit more at ease knowing my fragile locks are being looked after.

What's your opinion?

  1. Oh those products sound good! Love when products actually do what they say!

    Ironic Minimalist


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