MOR Haul

Recently, the people from MOR were super lovely and sent over a bunch of their products which I wanted to share with you all

I'm not sure what it is that is in this stuff, but when I was using this with my exfoliating glove to try and remove some pesky leftover bits of fake tan, they slid straight off! All these products are from the same fragrance range, so what I say here can pretty much be applied to the rest of the items. The scent quite clean smelling but also has hints of what smells like a nice, sophisticated perfume.

I don't really ever use soap bars anymore, but they are always packaged so beautifully, and the ones from MOR are no exception. Not much to say about this expect it works just as you would hope a soap does, and a bonus is I don't find it to be drying on my skin, which I find can be a problem with many soap bars.

I love the minimal look of this candle. With the same scent as the above products, the candle burns so beautifully because there's nothing I hate more than when a candle burns uneven and leaves a whole side of wax untouched (I should have put this in my list post yesterday - if you haven't seen that yet check it out here). The clean packaging means it can suit almost any home style, and if you're not a fan of the blue band you can just slip it right off.

Again with both of these products they have the same scent and both are packaged so beautifully. I find both products are super moisturising and hydrating. I've especially been digging into the hand cream lately because for some reason my hands have been getting quite dry of late so this stuff has been my saviour.

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