Make Your Hair BHAVE

The amazing people from over at BHAVE Hair sent me an amazing box of goodies with a  range of their products. I've been testing them out and wanted to share with you guys what the go is with them all.

Just quickly, if you haven't heard of bhave before, their an awesome Australian owned and operated haircare brand. They've got everything to wash your hair, tone your hair if you'e a blonde like me, and keep it healthy and hydrated. They're actually the first Australian brand to use natural keratin technology in their products, which is basically the magic ingredient which leaves your hair feeling bomb. Aside from that, they also DON'T test on animals, have NO parabens in any of their products and use certified organic ingredients - winning on every level.

I've already raved about this product in my October Favourites, so you know I'm a bit of a fan of this stuff. This is basically a leave-in cream that will help to condition, protect and keep your hair under control. I use this once I've washed my hair, brushed it and just before I'm going to dry it. You only need a little blob of this stuff to run through the bottom section of your hair. I advise only using a small bit, only putting through the ends of your hair and giving it a dry afterwards. The first time I used it I threw on way to much all over my head and then tried to let it dry naturally - I used it all wrong and it left my hair less than stunning. But I've nailed how to use it now and it's a God send. And the best part; it has an awesome coconut scent which just screams summer and good vibes.

Another one that made it into the favourites, and for good reason. I've been putting oil on the ends of my hair for a while now to help keep my coloured ends from splitting and turning into a horrible-looking nightmare. I've been around the block trying some oils, so it doesn't take me long to know if I'm onto a winner or not - this one is a WINNER. First thing to note is it smells like bloody fairy floss! I don't know how but it's amazing! I put a small pump of this on the ends of my hair once I'm completely done using any heat on it and I've noticed a big difference - my ends don't get super dry and they don't split as much anymore.

Anything that claims to help split ends I'm all over it like a rash. The directions say to use this after you've completely finished styling your hair, like you would an oil, but I also like to throw some in while my hair is towel dry, before I hit it with the blow dryer. I think this in combination with some other products has certainly decreased my regularly of split ends, and I've found myself needing to trim off the ends less. Also the packaging of this one is so cool, you just push the top and it pumps out the perfect amount.

I love giving my hair a good treatment, so I was excited to try this product out. I prefer to do my treatments just before I'm about to give my hair a wash, so I lathered this over my dry hair and let it sit for maybe 20 minutes or so (basically until I get sick of sitting with it in and decide I want to wash it out) and followed with my normal washing routine. When I tested this I had recently used a new hair colouring product which was a little more drying on my hair than I was use to, so my hair was still a little dry after using this masque, but it was certainly improved. Also it smells like coconuts and makes me think of summer which always makes me happy,

Gunpowder Matt Styling Dust
I'd never used a product like this before because I worried this would leave my scalp super dry and knotty thanks to my coloured blonde hair - but I was pleasantly surprised. I still find this product so funny and interesting to use. Basically you pump a little bit onto your roots (out of the pump will fall bits of white dust) which you then massage into your scalp to give your mane some volume. The texture of the product in your hair is something I struggle to get use to. As someone who plays with their hair a lot and often runs fingers through the top of it numerous times throughout the day to push my growing-out bangs back, the powder stops the fingers from gliding through so easily. This had me worried that it would leave my hair feeling gross and knotty the next day, but surprisingly it was pretty good. I just ran a brush through my hair to brush out the remainder and I was good to go again.

I actually just used this combination the other night when washing my hair and I was impressed. It's been so long since I've used two of the same branded products from the same line in my hair washing routine, I'm usually using all different types of brands. This stuff actually left my hair super soft and also smelling so good long after my hair dried.

When I opened the bottle and squeezed out the product, it came out a nice, deep purple colour, so I had hope this stuff would work. I tend to use more blue-based shampoos these days to achieve a real silver/white look, but this stuff still certainly worked for keeping any brassy tones out of my hair. It won't give you an ultra white look, but there will certainly not be any tacky, terrible looking yellow left in your hair. It also didn't leave my hair super dry or anything which is always a risk with purple shampoos, so put a tick in that box.

Again another two products I was pretty impressed with. They left my hair smooth and fairly knot free after washing, so I'm happy to incorporate these into my hair washing routine in the future.

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