Cool Shit: Spire

I haven't done one of these posts in a while, but when I recently came across this on the interwebs I had to share!

Spire is a mindfulness and activity tracker. While our world is full of fitbits and many wannabes, this is the first device that doesn't just track your heart rate and activities throughout the day, but also your breathing patterns.

What is the point in tracking how you breathe you may ask?

We all know that mediation is good for us, which has a large focus on slowing down and controlling our breathing. We know that when people face serious anxiety or panic attacks, one thing they need to focus on controlling is their breathing in order to help calm them down.

When we have a good focus on our breathing it helps us feel more focused, less stressed and can help you sleep better. Clipping this device on to something like your belt or bra, Spire can help track your breathing to improve these parts of your life.

As well as having the ability to track your activity like a fitbit, the device can also detect abnormal or tense breathing patterns, and when it does it will vibrate to help remind you to focus on your breathing and remain calm. The device can also be connected to an app where you can see all the information it has collected, and also explore some of the guided mediation sessions stored in the app's library.

Not only does it do awesome things, it looks super cool as well. It even comes with a wireless charging pad with has a sweet wooden pattern.

What's your opinion?

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