Battle of the Night Creams

Not to long ago I put up a post all about day creams, and here is the sister post, if you will, all about some night creams I've got hanging around and my thoughts on them.

Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Overnight Recharging & Refining Moisturiser
In my last post I talked about the Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Refreshing & Refining Moisturiser and here is it's other half! Our skin works a little differently at night while we're sleeping and that's what this night cream targets. Our skin cells renew themselves during the night while we dream and this cream helps to boost that process. This moisturiser gives deep hydration so that when you wake up in the morning, your skin feels as smooth as a baby's bottom, and I have to say my skin did feel pretty good after using this stuff.

Another piece of another puzzle, this Clarins cream is the companion to the Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream I mentioned in the previous post. Like most night creams, it aims to help improve your skin while you sleep. This product contains Organic California Poppy which helps revitalise the skin after all those times of terrible sleep and late nights. It is also anti-ageing to help prevent the lines in our face that we begin to produce after a build up of sleep hours lost and stressful moments.

This one is a little bit different from the rest thanks to its whitening properties. Basically not only does this product aim to hydrate your skin, it also helps with any dark spots or discolouration you might have. I don't have any major skin issues, but I still use this most nights and I still find my skin just looks a little brighter and fresher with consistent use. So if you're in need of a product that targets  more specific skin issues, this baby might be for you.

Just as I mentioned in the last post, which of the products is best for you will really depend on what exactly you're looking for in a night cream. All these very efficiently hydrate and moisture your skin, so on that front you're completely covered.

What's your opinion?

  1. Lovely post! I've tried the Elucent and the Philosophy creams you mentioned :) I did have some issues with the Elucent moisturiser but I think there was just an ingredient that I personally was sensitive to. Love love LOVE Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar though, I should repurchase...

    Kate |

    1. Yeah it's very likely I think there was an ingredient in the Elucent one that just didn't agree with your skin - because it does aim to really brighten and whiten the skin, it's likely there is ingredients in there we don't find in our normal night creams. But Philosophy is 100% a great alternative; no bad words at all to say! xx.


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