Special Announcement

The title might have been a bit dramatic, but I do have something I wanted to announce. For the upcoming month of December I've decided to take on the challenge and do Blogmas!

For those who have no idea what this means, basically I'm going to be putting up a new blog post every single day during the month of December. I'm actually going away for a week in December, so I've put a nice workload on myself to get a heap of posts scheduled. Despite how busy this might make me, I'm actually super excited to take this on and see how everyone reacts and engages with me posting everyday, and if this increases my audience at all.

So bookmark this blog and be sure to check back each day in December for constant new content!

What's your opinion?

  1. That is so much! Good luck! Let's see if I can actually blog more than once in December ha! I've been so shit but I have a list of posts waiting to be written!!


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