October Favourites

October has waved its goodbyes and my birthday month is here (it's on Friday actually!), so here's what I loved in the month just gone.

I have to give a major shoutout to these two products which I've incorporated into my hair routine this month. When I use both of these products after I wash my hair and style it, my hair is left feeling so smooth, healthy and thick. As someone with coloured blonde hair, any products that get my hair feeling that way must be damn good. 

I put the Leave-In Creme in the bottom section of my hair after I've brushed it through and while it's still wet, and then dry my hair. I then apply the Riot Control Oil to my ends after I finished drying, straightening and doing all my styling (because it's never really a good idea to apply to heat your hair if you've put an oil in it). Together these two make an beautiful kick-ass combo for healthy looking locks. I actually received a generously big package of a bunch of their products, so keep your eyes peeled for a more in-depth chat about these products and some others soon.

This one has been in my makeup rotation for a little while, but with the warm weather coming back, I've found myself reaching more and more for this lately to add a little bit of a bronzy glow to my look. I love this stuff because it's really buildable, so you can have a very subtle glow, or go for something a bit more dramatic. I know it says 'shimmering' in the name, which can turn some people off, but I have to say I've never really noticed it putting any sort of glitter or shimmer on my face - so if you're not a fan of that you'll probably love this stuff - but if you were aiming to have your face shimmering like a goddess then maybe try something else.

Maybelline Vivd Matte Liquid Lip Colour (Rebel Red | Nude Thrill)
I did a little review on these lip products and I loved them so much I had to include them as a favourite, particularly these two colours. Now don't get me wrong, I still think the other dark purple colour I own is amazeballs, but this month I found myself reaching for these two colours on the few occasions I did pop something on my lips. To find out more about how they wear and all that good stuff, check out my original post here.

VOSS Water
I've always thought VOSS' big glass bottles were so stylish and cool - but maybe not always the most practical to carry out without constant fears of shattering glass. Recently I received a box of their newest bottles and I love them. They're about half the size of the original ones and made from a plastic material (yet still look sleek to carry around), so they're much more practical and I've had one with me nearly everywhere I go this month.

Balenciaga Paris, 10 Avenue George V
This has been my go-to, daily perfume of late. This perfume has a sophisticated scent to it, but one that isn't so overpowering that it can't be worn during the day. It feels grown up and sophisticated, but at the same time it smells light and has a bit of a fresh, floral scent to it. Basically it's perfect for putting on at the start of your day to make you motivated and empowered to take on whatever comes your way. I have another post in the works that will feature this sweet smelling number, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Night
I had always wanted to try some Philosophy products - not only is their packaging awesome and I can't get over how each product has a cute little saying on it to motivate you or brighten up your day - but people have always sung praises for their stuff; and now I know why.  This stuff is a bit thicker than any of their day moisturisers (if you want more info about them keep your eyes peeled for a blog post soon) which is exactly what you what, but it's not so heavy that I'm left feeling oily and like I need to clean my face again (which I've pretty sensitive to). This stuff leaves my face feeling so soft both after it sinks into my skin and the next morning - so big thumbs up over here for this one.

Dermalogica Oil Free Matte SPF30
I've raved about this product multiple times on my blog already, both here and here, and also how I apply this under my makeup in the morning, so it's really no shocker that this made it onto the favourites list this month. To find out more about it be sure to check out those previous posts, but I can tell you this is a 10/10 product.

Philosophy 'Take a Deep Breath' Oxygenating Gel Cream
Safe to say I've become a bit of a Philosophy product fan. I also had a quick chat about why I love this stuff so much here << so be sure to check it and also find out a little bit more about your eyeball area.

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