Mini Clarins Makeup Haul

I haven't had a whole lot to do with Clarins makeup products before; so when these little babies landed on my doorstep I was eager to test them out.

Everything about this packaging is so lux and glamorous feeling. The little velvet pouch, the shiny, gold packaging; I just can't. The actual blush itself also rates a 10/10. I like to swirl my brush through all the different parts of the blush, and you don't need much to produce a wonderful colour on your face. It's super light-weight and full of mineral and plant extracts, so you're not putting anything nasty on your precious skin.

Joli Rouge Lipstick in Rosewood | Rouge Eclat Lipstick in Pink Berry
Again I was impressed with both of these. Both have a nice creamy formula that just glides onto the lips. Neither has a colour that is super overpowering (see pictures below for how these transfer to the lips), but they both offer a nice little hint of colour to your lips to make them look like perfection. Again the packaging on these is just so beautiful and luxe.

The Rouge Eclat lipstick is actually the first lipstick from Clarins that is also age defying - it keeps your lips hydrated and boosts collagen to keep your lips looking youthful and fabulous. This lipstick has a more pink tone to it when it goes on the lips.

Continuing with the moisturising theme, the Joli Rouge will keep your lips hydrated for up to six hours - so no nasty, cracked lips on your night out. Compared to the Rouge Eclat, this one has much more of a red tone when applied

Rouge Eclat

Joli Rogue

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  1. I never tried Clarins products but their packaging are so classy !


    1. Never had I! put they're so good! I'll be featuring more Clarins products soon, so be sure to check back :) xx


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