Why I Use Eye Creams at 22

Did you know that the skin around your eyes is 7 - 10 times thinner than on any other part of your face? Did you know the skin around your eyes lacks oil glands? Well now you do; your life is different now (Grace Helbig reference anyone?). It is because of these two factors that the skin under your eyes needs more care and attention than other parts of our face. The thinner skin means it is much more vulnerable and delicate and shows signs of ageing quicker, and as we age this skin becomes even thinner as it loses collagen and elastin. The lack of oil glands means this area can get drier much easier as well, and dry skin is never a fun time.

It's usually not until we get older and start to really notice our skin ageing that we decide to start frantically buying eye creams and various treatments to try help and repair or reverse these things; but really we should be looking after these delicate little areas from the get-go. To me, it's the same as moisturising your body, you know how dry and unflattering it can look and feel when you don't take care of it, so why isn't our eye area sparking the same thoughts in our brains?

Truth be told I was guilty of paying little attention to this area up until recently when, thanks to a busy end-of-year Uni schedule and just generally not making sure I was getting my full eight hours, my under-eye area was looking a little dark, tired and generally worse for wear. When this Philosophy 'Take a Deep Breath' Oxygenating Gel Cream came to my door step, I instantly started using it, and I have to say I'm impressed. In saying that, this isn't some miracle worker that will transform the skin under your eyes to smooth, tight and perfect looking with one application, this is something to be used regularly to see improvements. Using this product helps to ensure your under-eye area is getting that much needed hydration and I've found over time it has made my eyes look a little fresher and brighter (also in combination with getting some proper sleep).

As we age I think it's inevitable that all our skin, including under our eyes, will begin to show that's been with us on this earth for some years, and I think that's natural and beautiful in it's own way. But I think by ensuring we look after it and keep it clean, healthy and hydrated, you can help your skin age in the most graceful looking way possible.

P.S Can we take a minute to appreciate how cute Philosophy packaging is with all the little, uplifting quotes!

What's your opinion?

  1. I'm slowly coming to terms with my dark and unrelenting eyebags. One day I'll accept them but for now they're the bane of my existence.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. Haha yeah I get bad under eyes when I don't sleep enough - though some good concealer can fix it right up! ahah xx.


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