What Do I Do Now?

Hey, how's it going?

So it's a Tuesday night, it's semester break for me at the moment, I've had a couple of ciders and all I wanted to do is play some playstation but instead I have to wait for the stupid game to update. So I figured I'd get on here and have a little ramble about some thoughts that have been floating around in my brain. I'm not sure how long after writing this you'll actually see this, but it will be relevant all the same.


So it seems like the world just does not want me to have a normal job; maybe it's because I'm just not qualified enough for anything and maybe I should have tried to become a lawyer after all, or maybe, and in a possibly for positive light, the world doesn't want me to have a normal job.

I've applied for numerous jobs in numerous categories. From casual work in hospitality and retail, to jobs more in my area of "expertise" of journalism and writing, and it seems I commonly here back "yeah sorry, but not this time". The rejection itself doesn't phase me anymore; honestly I have applied for some many jobs over the years and received so many rejections that I am just desensitised to any feeling of sadness about rejection. These days it's more like "ah yep, cool, where should I fill out an application next".

For me, my five years at University studying Journalism and Law are about to come to an end, so I've been getting more serious about applying for jobs, particularly full-time ones. I had a few pop up recently that I just felt would suit me to a 'T' and were exactly what I had in mind - but surprise, surprise I recently heard back a big fat NO.

So now what do I do?

I'm a bit stubborn when it comes to work. I hate casual roles in jobs that are of no life-long benefit to me, that aren't in areas that I actually want to pursue or that teach me more skills in relation to writing, communications or journalism; I feel like I'm wasting my time inside four walls when I may as well be aside enjoying the sun because I don't feel like I'm doing or learning anything beneficial anyway (I also just hate not getting out in the sun on a sunny day).

My career goal (if you want to call it that) is to see something like my blog or freelancing work build to a point that it sustains me. I don't expect to make the millions of it, and I don't need to, all I need it to do is give me enough money that I can live life comfortably. I'm attracted to this work-style, not only because I love it and it has me written all over it, but because it allows me to really just live my life. I have a lot more choice in what I can do with my time, where I can go and when I can go there, and I don't see why life should be any other way. The fact that something should keep me from travelling the world when I have the money or going outside to soak up the rays on a beautiful summers day seems so cruel, inhumane and just stupid. Now it seems I have put my lifestyle vibe out into the universe so much that the world is stopping me from falling down the hole of a nine-to-five life.

Some of you reading this may think I'm making excuses for not getting a job, just trying to sugarcoat it for myself or something; maybe, but sorry I just have to disagree with you.

I think the world is just trying to tell me to work even harder. Uni is coming to an end in a few short months, so get working on that content and push that blog harder out into the world.

If it comes to it I have a game-plan to head back to Uni next year until another path comes along.

I guess the point of my rambling on about this is, when a part of your life seems to be coming to an end, and you don't really have a plan or plans that you're trying to put in place seem to keep failing and get thrown back in your face; don't freak out about it. Instead take it as a sign to pursue whatever it is you want to do even harder because you will get there ........

I promise.

What's your opinion?

  1. I completely agree! All I was doing is working, across two jobs. I didn't want to be in them forever but I was working so much I didn't even have time to look for anything else. So I've quit one of them! I have more free time, to chill out for once, to look for a job in something I want to do and to actually follow my passion of blogging.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination


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