Testing Dermalogica

Recently the lovely people from Dermalogica sent me a few products to try out, so I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on them. A little bit of information about Dermalogica before I dive into goodies; they have a wide range of different products to suit all sorts of skin types, so no matter what skin issues you may be dealing with, chances are they'll have something to help you. They also don't include nasties like artificial fragrances, colours or Lanolin, so you can be sure there's nothing going onto your skin that could make it worse.

I honestly normally don't pick up sunscreen unless I'm heading out to the beach or to do some activity all day in the sun, but this little bottle has changed my mindset on that for the better. Basically it's a little bottle of sunscreen made specially for your face. First of all, the fact that a sunscreen is oil free and matte is a god send, and I have to say it lives up to those claims 100%. It also doesn't overly smell like sunscreen, but rather has, I think a bit of a fruity smell to it, though just slightly. This little bottle has pretty much become a part of my daily morning face routine now, especially if the sun is out in force. I keep it on my vanity which reminds me everyday to throw some of this on before I start doing my makeup, and I can't believe I wasn't doing this before. The skin on our face can be so sensitive and nothing will damage it quicker than always being exposed to the sun without proper protection. As this is oil free and matte it goes under makeup perfectly, you honestly can't even tell you're wearing it once it sinks in, but your face will thank you for it. I honestly would strongly advise anyone reading this to make a product like this a part of their daily face routine. This one in particular will be perfect if you have oiler or breakout-prone skin.

Another Dermalogica product I have to give two big thumbs up to. Containing mint and lavender extracts, this stuff comes out, as the name suggests, in a gel-type consistency. A little goes a long way with this stuff which I always love because it means you're getting value for money. This product didn't lather up as much compared to other products I use, which usually makes me think it won't work, but I was proved wrong. My face felt super clean after using this, and when used in combination with the Daily Microfoliant (see below), it's an awesome face cleaning combination. It's also soap-free, which I find always helps ensure my face isn't left feeling super dry and tight after use.

First off, I just have to say this stuff smells bloody horrible to me. It basically smells like you're putting crushed Panadol all over your face! If it was any other product I'd be throwing it straight in the bin, but the fact I still use it daily is a testament to just how freaking good this stuff is, even the smell can't put me off it.

Basically you put a small amount of the gritty powder into your hand along with a drop or two of water and then rub this all over your face. Again the smell isn't pleasant but it doesn't linger once you wash it off your face, so all is good. I honestly have loved adding this to my daily face cleaning routine. I tend to get dry patches here and there on my face, particularly on my nose sometimes, but adding this into my routine has really helped to combat that, and it just leaves my face feeling so smooth and clean afterwards - I honestly can't praise this stuff enough.
As this stuff is a powder, probably avoid keeping it on your shower floor if you're like me and prefer to wash your face in the shower. I just keep mine sitting on the top frame of my shower to avoid any water getting into the bottle and wrecking the product.

Have you tried anything from the Dermalogica brand?

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