Streamys Fashion Review

If you don't watch a lot of YouTube than you might not know what the Streamys is, in which case I don't know why you clicked on this post in the first place.

If you don't though that doesn't really matter because this post isn't about who was at the Streamys, it's about the pieces of cloth the people who were there wore all over their bodies (so much more important).

If you do know what the Streamys is - hello fellow Internet friend - enjoy!

Now this ain't no VMAs, Gala Ball or Grammys event, so there wasn't anything over-the-top crazy, blow-your-mind, what-the-hell-is-that outfits, but there was still some cool shit - and if you're wondering, no this isn't going to be all that serious.

An ode to one trend sweeping the fast-fashion nation at the moment, mesh anything. I personally hate buying thin shirts or jackets that basically do nothing for you and mean you have to spend even more money on clothes to wear under them, so the mesh jacket thing doesn't make sense in my brain - but it looks pretty sick.

She looks like she either had no time in between finishing work and coming to the show, or needs to duck straight off to work afterwards, but in the best way possible.

This feels like an early 2000s dress, in fact I think I had a top a few years back that had detailing similar to this, and when I look back at me wearing it I cringe and think what the hell Amy! This I don't cringe so much, but I don't love it either. I think her coloured hair makes me think everything is sort of ok.

So much bling going on and I love it! Those glasses, that jacket and those to-die-for shoes are killing it together. I wish I owned it all.

To me she looks like a petite, ninja warrior who is trying to act as calm as she can before she kicks someone right in the face - but I love. Nice little throwback tribute to the early 2000s with the midriff showing there.

As a self-confessed massive Jenna Marbles fan I won't even deny that I'm going to be bias when it comes to her and love anything and everything she wears, including this! Jenna has set people's expectations of her perfectly. She could go all glamour if she wanted, and she has in the past, and people would love it. However people are also not shocked if she doesn't and decides to do something a bit different like this - nailing it!

Them jackets though!!! The rest of the outfits are really nothing special but did I mention them jackets though! I'll have both in my closet now please and thank you.

Elegant and beautiful while being completely sexy and daring with the super-low cut hello-look-at-me open neckline. I love how long it is but I also shed a tear for how dirty this dress must have looked afterwards.

Allllllllllllllll the colours, that of course look bomb with her beautiful skin tone - give it to me!

A little black dress made so much more cooler. I'm a fan of little geometric shapes and now I'm a fan of little black geometric shapes on dresses. Cute!

I'm all over this mesh top! Bringing together two major trends at the moment, mesh tops and bell sleeves, it doesn't take much for a look like this to go from stylish to trashy nightclub, but she's nailed it with the chic pants and simple heels. 

What's your opinion?

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