Spendless Cosmetics | Review + Giveaway Details

Yesterday I received my first ever Spendless Cosmetics box. Now if you've never heard of them before, let me give you a quick run down (also find details for a giveaway involving this box and it's products at the end of the post!) Now there's a few different faucets to them. One is this little subscription box that you see here. If you sign up, each month you'll receive five full-sized makeup goodies - that means for as little as $30 a month you can receive around $110 worth of makeup to your door. They have three month, six month and 12 month sign up periods.

Another feature is their website where you can buy a range of different makeup, skincare, haircare and fragrance products.

Lastly, they offer the opportunity for you to become a Spendless Cosmetics reseller. Basically this allows you to set up an online store for only $30 a month, where you can recommend and sell a bunch of beauty goodies to your friends, with you then receiving a $5 commission on each sale you make. You'll also be able to sell these cosmetics at a much cheaper rate than the usual retail value, which is a great incentive for people to come to you for their makeup needs.

But now it's on to the good part - what I got in this month's box!

Milani Crystal Gloss - Summer Baby 
This looks so beautiful on the lips! It produces a beautiful metal look which reflects both a pink and orange colour, I love this!

Covergirl Lipslicks Smoochies Lip Balm - 570 
First of all, I just have to say the smell of this product takes my right back to my childhood when I would use Lip Smackers; it smells exactly the same! It might be an orange colour on the stick but when you pop it on your lips it gives of a nice sheer, pink finish, and also makes your lips feel nice ad moisturised

NYX Eye and Eyebrow Pencil - Baby Pink
I've never actually tried a NYX product before, and this box has given me the opportunity to try two! First this eye and eyebrow pencil. When reading the packaging, I thought it was a bit crazy to label a pink pencil as suitable for eyebrow use, but considering the huge coloured eyebrow trend that seems to be sweeping the Internet at the moment, and the fact Halloween is almost upon us, it seems to be a great time to give it a go. This pencil glides on so smoothly, which is always important when dealing with our sensitive little eye areas, and has great pigmentation!

NYX Eyeshadow - Charcoal Brown 
I've heard plenty of people sing praises for this product, and now I know why. These shadows are super pigmented and also super soft, so they glide effortlessly onto your lid.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Pure Pigment - Buff and Tuff
Now I had heard plenty about the Maybelline Colour Tattoo that comes in a more gel-like consistency, but I didn't realise they also make them in a powder form, but these are also awesome. Once you start spreading this product on your lid it creates the most beautiful metallic, shimmery finish! Be warned, you'll be finding glitter on you for days afterwards.

Now before you go, I have some super exciting news. If you want to get your hands on any of these products to give them a try for yourself, well you can - in fact you can have every single one, just by entering my giveaway. Head over to my Instagram where I'm hosting a giveaway where you can win one of these boxes for yourself!

What's your opinion?

  1. nice review I really love reading like this ❤

  2. The products inside the box are amazing :) Dying for the Milani one, I believe this color suits for my everyday use :) I really love the photos and of course your review, very detailed and very helpful! I wanna join this giveaway!!! IG: mcdanaleen :)

    1. Oh thank you lovely ! :) keep an eye out for another one soon xx.

  3. Please give me the spendless giveaway


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