Shit I've Tried: Maybelline Vivd Matte Liquid Lip Colour

First off I want to note and apologise for the stupid security packaging that is stuck over the front of the red lip colour - it annoys me just as much as you.

When Big W had a 40% off sale on all Maybelline products, I took the chance grab a few of the Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Colours, even though I really didn't need them ....

I picked up shades that I pretty much already have, but not in a matte liquid format. These three colours are probably my favourite, that I would wear the most, so I wanted versions that would stay put.

First these liquid lipsticks smell awesome. The scent isn't overpowering, but there is a nice sweet smell to them, which is always nice.

With these I find less is really more. When I first applied, I packed on layers trying to get it perfect, and they struggled to dry. The second time I tried to only coat my lips once or twice and then I had real success with these babies. They aren't like a lot of liquid lipsticks in that they cling to your lips so hard that they never come off; these will transfers a little bit, but it doesn't result in patchy lips which is good. However if you're really going for it with some food or drink, you'll probably find that by the end of your meal they have started to wear off.

While they don't have the staying power of some liquid lipsticks, they do give a beautiful matte finish and honestly I think they're worth picking up if you're keen to try.

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