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October is here. That means Christmas decorations are already starting to hit the stores, summer is coming, and I only have about five weeks of my degree left, EVER! Oh also Halloween will be upon us before we know it. Here's some bits and pieces I was loving throughout the month.

Could I be any more later to the bandwagon with this one. Australis has had palettes like this floating around the universe for ages, but I only just decided to get my hands on one. I don't know if I'm 100% sold on the highlighting shades, however I'm all over that contouring colour.

Again I am extremely late to the bandwagon with this one - mainly because I never knew if I wanted to fork out the cash for it. I've never had a setting spray, but always wanted to try this one, so when I had a special event last month I figured it was the perfect time to justify spending all the dollars on it - I love it!

MAC Mineralise Skin Finish (DUPE)
Now this is not a real MAC product. Now before ya'll start going crazy at me for heading to Aliexpress and buying this, don't. I get the argument against buying this stuff, but I also believe it's your life and your money dollars and if this is what you would like to spend it on, than you go right ahead because it really ain't hurting nobody. I've never used the real version of this, but this stuff is pretty damn good and I'd be willing to bet it comes pretty close to the original. The packaging is a lot cheaper feeling, which doesn't bother me because it looks exactly the same and that's all I really care about anyway. Also this stuff smells like lollies, so good! I'm not sure that I'm completely allowed to provide links to this product, I know people on YouTube were getting in the shit for it, but if you just start scrolling through the beauty section of Aliexpress I promise you will come across this in no time, and many other wonderful goodies.

I feel like any makeup lover can relate to that mission of always trying to find the most amazing eyeliner and mascara money can buy. Now I wouldn't say these are it, but both of these products are pretty damn good if you ask me.

I was hesitant about the mascara at first because it had a plastic wand which I'm not usually a fan of. While this product hasn't completely changed my mind about plastic wands, I don't hate it and it makes my eyelashes look pretty good. 

Doesn't the name of this eyeliner just make you smile. As soon as I saw the words 'super fine' I had to grab it. I have to say this stuff is pretty good, though I have found that it can transfer onto other parts of my eyes fairly easily, so make sure you give this stuff time to dry. But otherwise it's great to use to get that perfect liner look.

I received some adorable pieces from this Etsy store during the month and I loved them instantly.

This little 'Adventure' silicone card holder for the back of your phone is perfect. You just stick it down and you're good to go. I managed to fit four cards in it, so I can carry pretty much everything I need and they sit nice and snug so I'm not worried about all these important pieces of plastic getting lost.

I also received this beautiful black lace choker. It's so simple yet it adds the perfect statement to an outfit. Something that I love about it, which might seem super silly, is the fact that the clasp is a gun metal grey colour so it's not as noticeable.

Not only are all these pieces super cute, but they're super affordable as well, so check them out!

I've been using the same NARS eyeshadow as a brow filler for ages now, so I was super excited to try out something new when this turned up at my doorstep. My package came with two eyeshadow trios and two brushes.  The eyeshadows are beautiful! They have great pigment and are super smooth to use, and work great in my brows. I also love the brushes. They are super soft and help with great application. Also have to make note of the packaging this product came in!

Lime Crime Velvetines (dupe from Aliexpress)

First thing I have to note is how awesome these smell. They have a super sweet, vanilla scent. I've never used a Kylie Lip Kit before, but people always talked about how sweet the first batches of those smelt, and I imagine that this is what they would have smelt like. Now I don't feel bad at all for buying the dupes of these considering the scandal that went down with Lime Crime once upon a time, so neither should you. Again I've never tried real Velvetines, so I don't exactly know how these compare. I think these are a pretty good product though. They take a little bit to dry, but once they do they definitely hold on to your lips for dear life. However, after wearing one of these on a night out and eating and drinking, I did come home to find they had come off.

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