NEW OUT: Chapstick Total Hydration Range

Chapstick is one of those brands that I remember from my childhood for some reason. I don't think I even used it that much, but hearing the word just takes me back to being a kid again. Speaking of which, Chapstick have just launched a brand new range called Total Hydration. I was sent four from the range to try out, two of which have a lovely hint of colour to them. All four are 100% natural, they contain Argan oil and avocado butters to help keep your lips perfectly hydrated and feeling bloody wonderful.

Fresh Citrus and Honey Blossom are the two that aren't tinted, but they smell so freaking good. I currently have Fresh Citrus sitting on my desk and I honestly continually sit here and put it on in procrastination because I just love how it smells so much!

Merlot and Rose Petal are the two tinted ones. Merlot is a bit of a darker tint than Rose Petal, but both are completely wearable in the day. I even wore Merlot to a wedding recently because I didn't feel like making a massive statement with my lip colour but I wanted it to be a bit enhanced. As their quite a soft tint, when they begin wear off it's not even noticeable which is always a bonus. I've got some pictures of me wearing them below.


Rose Petal

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