Recently I was lucky enough to be sent a YESSTYLE Beauty Box. The box was full of ten Korean beauty products and skincare items. I've never received a little box of goodies like this before, not to mention I've never delved much into Korean beauty products before, so I was super keen to try some of these out. The great part about this is how cheap most of these products really are, so if you find yourself keen to try any of these out, they won't break the bank.

I love using products that claim to rip those little white and black heads from your nose, so I was excited to give these pore strips a go. I'm not sure if I didn't let my pores open up enough with a warm cloth beforehand, or if my pores just aren't that bad at the moment (though I feel like there is some stuff in there that could do with cleaning out), but I found these didn't seem to grab anything out of my nose. I have only tried these once though, so keep an eye out on the blog to see if I have a change of heart about these.

For some reason lately I have actually be thinking about starting to use some products to begin treating under my eyes. After working full-time and doing full-time Uni for the last few weeks, I noticed my under-eyes were starting to look a little tired, so I was super keen to give these a go. These feel just like those sheet masks you can get; they were completely covered in the serum they come in and felt super slimy. I slapped them on my face and left them on until they just began to dry out. I feel like a product like this is one you should use consistently to really see a difference, but unfortunately the book only came with one pair. However they did feel nice on, so if you're going to grab a few pairs I would recommend giving them a go.

This smells amazing! I wanted to eat it! This stuff is basically like a thick lip balm, that eventually absorbs into your lips. I have to say I think this stuff does work well. The top part of my top lip had been feeling a bit dry lately, and after waking up the morning after lathering some of this on, my lip feels back to it's healthy self. Moisturising your lips is never a bad thing and when the product smells as good as this does (like a real fruity, strawberry scent) , I can't not recommend.

I didn't set very high expectations for it, especially being so cheap and being a BB cream, both factors which in my personal track record haven't made for great products. However I was presently surprised. Firstly, the shade I got was quite light, but it's actually perfect because most of my foundations tend to be in shades that suit me best when I'm tanned, so I finally have a foundation of sorts that will suit me when I'm not tanned. In terms of staying power, when I paired this with my Mac Studio Fix powder and a primer, it stayed on fairly well during the day, and I didn't get to shiny and oily. I think for a BB cream it does the job, but obviously isn't the product if you're looking for full coverage all-day every day.

This stuff goes alright. When it comes to cheek colour I tend to stick to bronzer and darker tones rather than actually blushes, however I didn't mind this. When you open the cap the applicator is like a little fluffy pad which the product squeezes through. The pigmentation is pretty good and it blends quite nicely into the skin. If you're a fan of a pink tone on your cheeks this product will probably take your fancy.

I have seen peel-off lip tints all over the Internet, and part of me had always wanted to try one and the other part of my couldn't really be bothered to spend money on one, especially with all the mixed reviews. I don't generally wear a lot of lip colour normally and I don't really have the patience to wait for something to dry on my lips so I can peel it off and have colour. The colour I got was quite a nice coral and again this stuff smelt so good! I lathered some of this on and speed the drying processes up by fanning my lips, but when I peeled off the tint I didn't really notice much difference. I'm thinking I really didn't let it sit long enough and that maybe speeding up the drying process wasn't the most effective way to get this to work. I might give this another go at some point (if I can be bothered).

The colour I received isn't quite on point for me, so I do mix a little of this with some of my other products, however I do love it. I've never used an eyebrow product that has the same look as essentially a massacre, but I did love it. This stuff is very pigmented so you don't need to go to crazy when you're applying, in fact I'd have caution when doing it. After setting this with my usual brow gel, the colour stays in place, so it is a good product, just make sure you have the right colour ;)

This product is an interesting one. The packaging and the way it works is cool. Basically, as you use up the product, you twist the end labelled sharpener and it moves up the pencil to give you more product; I always love practical things like that. This eyeliner also has glitter within in. Though the sparkles on the lid probably should have been a giveaway, when actually looking at the product before using it, it's not so obvious. However once you start to draw the glitter comes out, but I wouldn't say it's that overpowering. Also something I noticed is when swatching on my hand where I could apply a decent amount of pressure, it came out quite a dark brown and seemed to have great pigmentation. However once I started to use in on my eyes where I can't press to hard, it came out quite lighter, and it didn't show up when trying to use it in my water line. So it's a good product when you're looking for something that isn't to dramatic.

So it seems the trend with all the lip products in this box is that they smell damn amazing, including this one! Now this claims you can use it not only on your lips but your cheeks as well. When you open up the bottle it has a little applicator on the end which I thought was a nice touch. It was quite a thick product when I first applied it to my lips, so I'm not to sure about trying to work it onto the skin on my face. Mine was quite a bright pink colour which isn't something I can ever see myself wearing on my lips, so I might have to give it a go on my cheeks because if I'm going to be able to wear this colour anywhere, it'll be there. I did notice, the longer it sat on my lips, that it seemed to become less thick and began to feel better. So I'm a bit on the fence with this one until I give it a go on my cheeks.

Overall I was pretty impressed with this box. It's always fun to try new products and there were some pretty good ones in this box, I especially loved trying the skincare. So if you're thinking about maybe testing the waters with some Korean skincare and beauty items, I would say this is a company worth having a look at.

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