Maintaining Bleach Blonde Hair

I was born with blonde hair, but as I grew up it began to change to a darker, browner shade - as happens to a lot of blondes. Not wanting to let my blonde locks go, I've been having my hair bleached blonde for years. I've had my ups and downs with my hair and keeping it maintained with years of having my roots touched up with bleach, and I've gone through plenty of products in my time. When it comes to maintaining my hair and keeping it hydrated and feeling smooth, I feel like I've began to nail it down, and wanted to share the products I use on the regular to help maintain my mane.

Nothing is better for bleached and dehydrated hair than a good hair treatment. One that I've recently been trying out is the Hair Masque from Bambi & Sammi. My hair either loves something or it really, really hates it (which I can tell because it will come super dry and crunchy if it's disagreed with a  product). Im happy to say my hair loved this stuff. This product does have a bit of fragrance to it; I can't quite put my finger on what it is, it's not quite a lavender scent but it is a natural-type of one. Can't say I'm the biggest fan of the scent, but I'm happy to look past that considering it's effect on my hair. I  always leave treatments in for longer than the directions tell you, because my hair can be real stubborn with taking in moisture; so after leaving this on for 20 minutes to half an hour (depending how distracted I get) and washing it out, my hair brushes throw smoothly, and feels nice and hydrated.
    Also can we take a minute to appreciate the packaging and the fact they give you a cute little wooden spoon to help you get the product out of the package - genius!

Having a serum on my ends after I've finished styling my hair is a massive must for me! I always put one of these on my ends after I've completely finished with blow-drying and straightening my hair (because having oil on your hair and then going over it with heat is a big no-no). After my tragic history with splitting ends which resulted in a massive loss of length, this stuff is my religion.

I'm not a massive dry shampoo user - mainly because once my hair starts to get dirty it becomes unruly and the only way to tame it is to give it a wash. However if I'm really pushed for time and can get away with having my hair screwed up on my head (or maybe I'm looking just a little oily on the day after washing) this has been my recent go-to dry shampoo - and is my favourite so far. It has a lovely, clean scent, and it doesn't leave my head full of white powder and feeling full of product.

Another hair treatment that I use sometimes. This one is great because it is made to be used on either wet or dry hair. I've talked about this on previously here.

Another hair treatment, but I actually use this one as a conditioner rather than hair treatment. Most normal conditioners don't actually work for me, and leave my hair dry and painfully knotty. Aside from Tresemme conditioners, the only other things I can use are those which are actually meant to be used as hair treatments.

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