Four ways to make money through social media

The fact that you can make money on social media is no secret. We’ve all seen and heard about those social media moguls who manage to make millions on Instagram by showing off products and going on all-expenses paid trips.
As a struggling uni student, you’re probably wondering how you can use your social media accounts to increase that number in your bank account. While you might not be bringing in triple zeros straight away, you can get yourself a little bit of extra dough if you work hard now to earn that big following.

Download an app

There are apps out there that can actually help you make cash on social media sites like Instagram. TRIBE, for example, allows brands to create call outs for people who already own the products they’re looking to promote. They list what they want to see in the photo and the caption so you can get your camera out, start snapping and send your shot over to them. If approved, the amount they pay for the photo will depend on how many followers you have and there will usually be guidelines about how long you should keep the photo at the top of your feed.
If you scour the app store, there’s bound to be opportunities like this just waiting at your fingertips.

Open an online shop

If you've an artistic or creative skill that you can sell, why not open an online shop? Open yourself up to a global customer base by either setting up a store page on Facebook or create an Instagram page dedicated to your creations. Branch out to pages like Tumblr, Pinterest and Etsy and your creations will be famous in no time.

Join affiliate programs

If you love online shopping, this might be a possibility for you. Many online stores, particularly bargain clothing labels, will have affiliate programs that you can join. You can usually find information about these programs by scrolling to the bottom of the website. Generally they’re free to join and every time you get someone to buy a product from that online store through a link you share on your social media, you earn some coin.

Online followings

This is one for anyone who has a YouTube channel or a blog, or might be considering starting one. As you grow a following on these social media spaces, you’d be surprised by the dollars you can rack in. While you won’t become an online superstar like Zoella or Jenna Marbles overnight, even those with small followings have a couple of ways to bring in a few extra bucks.
One way is to place ads on your blog or at the beginning of your YouTube videos. There are programs like Google AdSense that are available to most beginner bloggers, but be aware you’re not about to get rich quick. If you’ve got a larger following and want ads that look a little prettier, you could potentially reach out to other bloggers or brands that represent what you’re all about.
Aside from ads, with a big enough following there is always the potential for sponsored posts and videos from companies as well. Try reaching out to some brands yourself, or check out website like The Blogger Programme to find money-making opportunities.

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