August Favourites

This month has to have been one of the quickest for me this year. This probably comes down to the fact that I'm not only finishing Uni full-time, but I also began working full-time as a journalist for the month while an editor took some leave. Despite being so busy I did accumulate a few favourites along the way to share with you all.

I know I'm super late on the bandwagon when it comes to featuring this on the blog, but I've finally managed to get my hands on some NARS Creamy Concealer. I've always loved NARS products and have wanted to get this concealer for years, though I was always unsure of the price. After recently running out of my Essence concealer, and with the opening of Mecca Maxima in Charlestown which meant I could finally buy a NARS product without travelling all the way to Sydney, I had a #yolo moment and decided to finally buy some. Safe to say I regret nothing!

Back in the day I use to hate chai - the taste of it, the smell of it, everything. However over the years I've slowly come to be obsessed with it. After trying some of those packet chai mixers you can grab from the supermarket, and spending countless dollars on Chai Lattes and Chai Teas, I decided I needed to grab some real chai tea of my own .Of course I ventured to a T2 store and grab a tin of their chai tea leaves to try - it's the best! Next on the list to try is their Choc Chip Chai.

When I went to visit my parents the other weekend, I discovered my Mum had brought me these pods for my Nescafe coffee pod machine. Gotta say they do taste quite good, similar to the hot chocolate pods actually.

I've seen this brush from Aliexpress circulating the Internet for ages. I've been meaning to get myself a new powder brush for months since my last one kept leaving my face covered in black bristles after using it. I finally took a minute to purchase this beauty, and after waiting a couple of weeks it finally arrived. I'd heard only good things about this brush; that it was soft, didn't shed, etc, and have to say I can only continue to say those good things to. Def one I would recommended checking out if you're in the market for a new brush that barely makes a dent in the bank account. I will put a link on the title, however Aliexpress seller's tend to close down their stores and stop selling certain items regularly, so if it's not working when you're reading this, a quick search of Aliexpress should bring up plenty of other listings.

I have been eyeing these babies off since Rubi Shoes first starting selling them. They were $60 when they first came out, and I just couldn't justify the price; they're a beautiful shoe but honestly the quality of them isn't up to $60 standard in my eyes. However, I was just browsing through the shops one day (always a stupidly, dangerous idea) and noticed they were on sale for only $15 - so of course I brought them.

I featured this in my Priceline 40% skincare and tanning haul, and since using this I've fallen in love with it. I've always been a Bondi Sands fan, so I was intrigued by this product. Basically it's an instant tanner; you can throw it on before getting dressed and then run out the door looking like a tanned goddess without having to shower to wash anything off. When I first started putting this on, as someone use to using their regular fake tan, I couldn't see any real colour developing on my skin, so I was having doubts about it. After putting it all over my skin I drove 40 minutes to my parent's house, and by the time I got there I had a much more noticeable tan that looked natural. After seeing those results I now love the product, especially as I'm someone who often can't be bothered spending the time putting fake tan on and sitting in it. In terms of staying power, it's pretty good for an instant tanner, it doesn't all wash off when you have a shower, however it does get rubbed off and go streaky quite quickly; but that's to be expected.

I also featured this product in my Priceline 40% skincare and tanning haul and I also love this stuff. When I was younger I struggled hardcore with oily skin. As I've gotten older my skin has calmed itself down, however my face does have a tendency to get a tad oilier during the day than most, especially when I have makeup on, so anything that promises to help my skin matte I'm keen to try out. I've used Sukin products before and loved them, so I was keen to see what their other products were like. Overall I'm thoroughly impressed with this one. It makes my face feel nice and moisturized without leaving me feeling oily as it sinks in, and I do notice a bit of a difference in my skin's oil control during the day if I throw some on in the morning. 10/10.

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