A Terrible Sunday Breakfast

Nothing can beat waking up on a Sunday morning and seeing the sun shining. Keen to make the most of the day, my boyfriend and I decided to head into town and have a some breakfast near the beach. We choose the Merewether Surfhouse Cafe; but we shouldn't have!

First off, this place ain't the cheapest to eat. My boyfriend and I both ordered a beverage and meal and it came to a total of $50. I don't mind paying a bit more for food if you're getting a good quality meal, but this is one time I was pretty disappointed with forking out that $50.

It was a busy Sunday morning so I knew we would probably be in for a little bit of wait, and that doesn't bother me. What bothers me is when people around you, who ordered after you, all begin to get their meals as you continue to sit there, and after you've already been sitting there for about half an hour. To show that I wasn't the only one thinking waiting times were getting a bit ridiculous, while we were waiting for the food another guy had to actually get a refund because he had been waiting so long and had to leave the restaurant to go elsewhere.

Once I mentioned to a waitress how long we'd been waiting, within the next couple of minutes our food was on the table; and the disappointment continued.

My boyfriend got the Egg's Benedict with Salmon and I got the Smashed Avocado without the poached egg they usually put on top (I'm not an egg fan).

The Egg's Benedict was completely cold, which made us think it had been sitting around for some time before it was served to us. The taste was there, but the fact it was cold made the meal quite off-putting.

My avocado toast was the tiniest avocado toast have ever been served. The amount of avocado that was on there was minimal; similar to how you might spread a little bit of butter over toast, and there were massive chucks of red onion scattered on top. I generally don't mind onion, but the chucks were so big I had to pick them off; I just couldn't deal.

The only up-side to the morning was the coffee frappes both me and my boyfriend got; they were delicious but I wouldn't be buying them regularly considering that each cost $6 and are only the size of a small/regular drink.

Overall I 10/10 DO NOT recommend the Merewether Surfhouse Cafe. They have a restaurant upstairs which I have been to on numerous occasion and love, but the downstairs section really, really disappointed me and is somewhere I'll be steering well clear of from now on.

What's your opinion?

  1. Thanks for the heads up babe! Such a shame since it sure is a wonderful location. I got a Chai Latte to go a few months ago from there and it was really good. Not sure if I'll go back.

    1. Yeah the drinks seem to hold up okay, but I wouldn't recommend grabbing anything to eat.xx.


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