4 Things You Should Never Apologise For In A Relationship

Relationships can be a wonderful thing. It's awesome to have someone to make amazing memories with and who you can always rely on. In relationships both parties may need to make compromises here and there, but there are a few things that you shouldn't need to compromise on and should never have to apologise for.

This post is in collaboration with another awesome blogger - Elly-Grace from Dancing In Violent Fields. Elly is also posting about 4 Things You Shouldn't Apologise for in Life; check it out here

Speaking your heart and mind - Elly-Grace
Listen to yourself aloud when you say the word relationship because you will say the word real. That's what a relationship should be like - real and without limitations. It's about being able to speak your heart and mind whenever you want. You should never apologise for this. There are ways to get your point across in a loving way. You'll be more agitated if you don't speak and you'll be more upset if you apologise for it. 

Having friends of the opposite sex - Amy
Whether you had these friends before the relationship started, or you make them once you're in the relationship, contrary to what the people around you might say or feel, it is okay. It is understandable if your other half at first becomes a little jealous or unsure but after you've assured them that they are just your friend, they should accept that. 

Your music choices - Elly-Grace
Music has always been a huge deal in the world. So you want to listen to Chance The Rapper and they don't? Tough times. Let me go get out my mini violin to play you a sad song. The real question is, are you sitting in the passenger seat with the aux cord gripped firmly in your palm? If yes, then you win. 
    No, but seriously, you should never apologise for your music choices. If the music you listen to makes you feel good then they should respect that. This goes both ways as well. You should never make them feel bad for the music they listen to either. It's pretty simple kids.  

Having time to yourself - Amy
While in the beginning you probably feel the need to spend every single second together, as the relationship goes on you might feel the want to spend a bit of time a part. This is completely normal, and almost necessary. You might be in a relationship, but you are still your own person. Whether it's having time to work on some project of your own, or simply to sit with yourself, it's always good to have some alone time. 

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