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  • LLooking for a little wardrobe-makeover inspiration for this coming summer?

    #1 A Little Girly

    #2 Denim for Days


    #3 Pop that Colour

    This post was done on a gifting basis with Yoins but all opinions are 100% my own.
    . 9/29/16 .

    Summer is Coming

    . 9/29/16 .

    LLooking for a little wardrobe-makeover inspiration for this coming summer?

    #1 A Little Girly

    #2 Denim for Days


    #3 Pop that Colour

    This post was done on a gifting basis with Yoins but all opinions are 100% my own.
    . 9/27/16 .

    I was born with blonde hair, but as I grew up it began to change to a darker, browner shade - as happens to a lot of blondes. Not wanting to let my blonde locks go, I've been having my hair bleached blonde for years. I've had my ups and downs with my hair and keeping it maintained with years of having my roots touched up with bleach, and I've gone through plenty of products in my time. When it comes to maintaining my hair and keeping it hydrated and feeling smooth, I feel like I've began to nail it down, and wanted to share the products I use on the regular to help maintain my mane.

    Nothing is better for bleached and dehydrated hair than a good hair treatment. One that I've recently been trying out is the Hair Masque from Bambi & Sammi. My hair either loves something or it really, really hates it (which I can tell because it will come super dry and crunchy if it's disagreed with a  product). Im happy to say my hair loved this stuff. This product does have a bit of fragrance to it; I can't quite put my finger on what it is, it's not quite a lavender scent but it is a natural-type of one. Can't say I'm the biggest fan of the scent, but I'm happy to look past that considering it's effect on my hair. I  always leave treatments in for longer than the directions tell you, because my hair can be real stubborn with taking in moisture; so after leaving this on for 20 minutes to half an hour (depending how distracted I get) and washing it out, my hair brushes throw smoothly, and feels nice and hydrated.
        Also can we take a minute to appreciate the packaging and the fact they give you a cute little wooden spoon to help you get the product out of the package - genius!

    Having a serum on my ends after I've finished styling my hair is a massive must for me! I always put one of these on my ends after I've completely finished with blow-drying and straightening my hair (because having oil on your hair and then going over it with heat is a big no-no). After my tragic history with splitting ends which resulted in a massive loss of length, this stuff is my religion.

    I'm not a massive dry shampoo user - mainly because once my hair starts to get dirty it becomes unruly and the only way to tame it is to give it a wash. However if I'm really pushed for time and can get away with having my hair screwed up on my head (or maybe I'm looking just a little oily on the day after washing) this has been my recent go-to dry shampoo - and is my favourite so far. It has a lovely, clean scent, and it doesn't leave my head full of white powder and feeling full of product.

    Another hair treatment that I use sometimes. This one is great because it is made to be used on either wet or dry hair. I've talked about this on previously here.

    Another hair treatment, but I actually use this one as a conditioner rather than hair treatment. Most normal conditioners don't actually work for me, and leave my hair dry and painfully knotty. Aside from Tresemme conditioners, the only other things I can use are those which are actually meant to be used as hair treatments.

    . 9/24/16 .

    You're standing up the front of the class with your group and you're about to do a presentation. Throughout your whole educational life you have done so many of these, probably more than you could count on all your fingers and toes, so as you stand there you don't feel to nervous. All you have to do for the 100th time is read from this piece of paper while people either stare aimlessly at the slides behind you or don't even listen (neither of which bothers you). It's not fun standing up there but you feel use to it and don't think you're going to feel to nervous during the speech; you shouldn't have any trouble ...

    .... but then you start to talk.

    You introduce to the class what you're going to be talking about for the next few minutes and suddenly your body takes a drastic turn ... and you can't do anything to stop it.

    The first instantly noticeable thing is how quickly your heart starts beating - which sets off a chain reaction of a bunch of other terrible and off-putting symptoms. You start to heat up and you know that your neck and chest are beginning to develop noticeable red patches which always give away how your body is reacting. You are finding it hard to take enough breath in, and the longer you talk the more you'll start to stumble over words and mess up; which only makes things worse.

    By the time you finish and step away from the desk, you realise how bad your hands are shaking, to the point that if the person actually standing a few metres from you really looked they would be able to tell. It probably only takes a couple of minutes once you're done talking for your body to calm back down and for everything to feel right again, and then you're left thinking why?

    You felt completely calm as you waited to start, you knew in your brain that this wasn't bothering you and this was just another presentation you had to slog through - you thought the whole standing up in front of people wasn't such a bother anymore - apparently your body thought differently.

    Suddenly the way your body chooses to react, in a way that gives you absolutely no control and there is nothing you can do to stop how your feeling expect finishing that talk, is a lot more scary than having to stand up and give that presentation.

    For those who don't suffer from this it may be hard to understand, but imagine if your body just started to do something without warning, for no real reason, and there was nothing you could do to stop it...

    .... welcome to anxiety.
    . 9/22/16 .

    I'm sure most of you reading this are on Spotify, so I wanted to share some of the playlists I constantly go to when I turn it on.

    Have a Great Day!
    Just Chill
    Electro Workout
    . 9/20/16 .

    Relationships can be a wonderful thing. It's awesome to have someone to make amazing memories with and who you can always rely on. In relationships both parties may need to make compromises here and there, but there are a few things that you shouldn't need to compromise on and should never have to apologise for.

    This post is in collaboration with another awesome blogger - Elly-Grace from Dancing In Violent Fields. Elly is also posting about 4 Things You Shouldn't Apologise for in Life; check it out here

    Speaking your heart and mind - Elly-Grace
    Listen to yourself aloud when you say the word relationship because you will say the word real. That's what a relationship should be like - real and without limitations. It's about being able to speak your heart and mind whenever you want. You should never apologise for this. There are ways to get your point across in a loving way. You'll be more agitated if you don't speak and you'll be more upset if you apologise for it. 

    Having friends of the opposite sex - Amy
    Whether you had these friends before the relationship started, or you make them once you're in the relationship, contrary to what the people around you might say or feel, it is okay. It is understandable if your other half at first becomes a little jealous or unsure but after you've assured them that they are just your friend, they should accept that. 

    Your music choices - Elly-Grace
    Music has always been a huge deal in the world. So you want to listen to Chance The Rapper and they don't? Tough times. Let me go get out my mini violin to play you a sad song. The real question is, are you sitting in the passenger seat with the aux cord gripped firmly in your palm? If yes, then you win. 
        No, but seriously, you should never apologise for your music choices. If the music you listen to makes you feel good then they should respect that. This goes both ways as well. You should never make them feel bad for the music they listen to either. It's pretty simple kids.  

    Having time to yourself - Amy
    While in the beginning you probably feel the need to spend every single second together, as the relationship goes on you might feel the want to spend a bit of time a part. This is completely normal, and almost necessary. You might be in a relationship, but you are still your own person. Whether it's having time to work on some project of your own, or simply to sit with yourself, it's always good to have some alone time. 

    Dancing In Violent Fields is a lifestyle and travel blog for souls seeking inspiration. Elly-Grace is usually daydreaming about a Greek Summer so she writes as a means of escape. She often struggles between the need for travel money and the battle of wanting to spend money on coffee dates. 
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    . 9/17/16 .

    The Feeling After A Good Workout

    Sitting In The Sunshine In The Morning

    Spending Days With My Parents


    The Smell Of The Pages Of A New Book

    A Cup Of Tea In The Morning

    Diving In The Ocean

    Watering And Caring For My Plants


    Admiring Street Art

    Taking Photographs

    Walking Along The Foreshore

    The Smell of Freshly Mowed Grass in Summer

    The Sound Of Birds in the Morning

    The Feeling of Finishing the Last Thing on My To-Do List