Your Are Good Enough

In a world where social media can keep us updated on every little thing someone is doing in their lives, and every achievement they manage to grasp, it's hard to not start comparing yourself to others. I believe people have always done it, but I think the world of social media has made it much worse, and as a result a lot more people are left feeling unhappy, unmotivated and generally lacking in self-esteem.

I'm here to tell you that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.

Every person and their path in life is different. The steps we take and the time that passes before we reach a goal or significant time period in our lives, even if that goal or significant period is similar to someone else's, will play out completely different to every other person on this Earth.

No matter what area you work in or what area of life you're passionate about, there are always going to be people who have already walked the road, climbed up the chain and learnt and mastered what you need to know in that area to be good at it. There will always be people a step ahead of you because they started before you. There is no use comparing yourself to these people.

I know it's hard not to; sometimes it can just feel second nature to do so. You starting thinking why am I not as good as them? Why am I not as successful as them? Why don't I have what they have yet? When you ask yourself these questions you only begin to doubt yourself and your abilities; you can think there is something wrong with what you're doing or that you're simply not good at it. Most of the time this isn't even true, but because we're staring at what we do so closely and narrowly, we can't actually turn around and step back from it to see that what we're doing is actually really good.

If you're looking at people who have been doing what you do for much longer than you, of course they're better at it, of course they make it look easy and effortless. They've been in the game much longer than you and have already learnt the tips and tricks of the trade to make themselves look how they do to you.

It's not that you're not good enough, you're 100% good enough plus another 50% on top of that, it's just that you're a step behind on your path to them. You still have things to learn, experience to gain and room to grow.

Even when we actually reach the point that we once looked up at people to, we probably won't see it because we're to busy focusing on the person who has managed to climb up that next step and we consume ourselves wondering how they got there, how we will get there and why we're not yet?

So whatever you're doing and wherever you're going, know that you are good enough. Don't spend your time comparing, spend your time admiring and working. Everyone is different, just as their journeys are, so just remember there's no point in comparing yourself to someone else, because the reality is nothing about them or what they do is anything like you; we're all suppose to be different.

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