Truth Behind Detox Coffees


Around five months ago I got a message in my Instagram inbox asking me if I would be interested in becoming an Ambassador for Skinny Coffee Club. This is a brand who makes a product similar to all those skinny and detox teas floating around in the cyberspace out there, but it’s a coffee. We’ve all heard the negative things about the skinny teas and I’d personally never tried one before, and this was the first I was hearing about a coffee version. I was a little skeptical, but after checking out the brand online I thought I might give them a go.

The big thing that made me decide to try jumping on board was the fact the product contained NO LAXATIVES. I’ve heard about brands in the best getting slammed for including them in their products, and rightly so, they should never be used for a weight loss purpose.

So what does being an ambassador for them actually entail? Basically every month I get shipped my satchel of coffee for the month, and in return I just need to post a pic or two to Instagram every now and then; I tend to post one when I get my new shipment and then another at some point during the month. I can pull out of being an ambassador at any time by just emailing them, and there was no obligation to ever stay on board even from the beginning.

When you jump on board and receive your first satchel, they send you a eating and exercise plan that you can follow if you're planning on using their coffee as part of a weight loss program. Drinking this coffee for weight loss is not what I'm in it for, and trust me many people worried when they saw me holding it and saw the word 'weight-loss program' plastered across the front of the packaging. I planned to try this stuff out to see if it would have good detox effects and just make me feel less bloated from day-to-day.

So what did I think overall? I have to say that, honestly, I notice a bit of a difference when I drink this stuff daily. I do notice I feel a bit less bloated. It's nothing major because I'm still just sticking with my normal daily exercise and general eating, which has it's good and bad days.

If someone came up to me and asked would I recommend them giving it a go, I would honestly say yes. Just purchase it once, see how it sits with you, because everyone's body is different. Once upon a time these weight loss coffees and teas may have been filled with laxatives and other less than ideal ingredients, but after the big huff everyone caused around these products, I think these companies have realised there is no place in society anymore for a product like that, and they have become much better.

What's your opinion?

  1. I never ended up giving this a go, but your review is very convincing as I do like my morning coffee.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

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