Shit I've Tried: Vapour Halo Illuminator Moonlight

The amazing team over at Beautiful Because recently sent me over a couple of the beauty products from their website to try out. I featured the amazing Atom Ghassoul Clay Mask in my favourites post, and I previously mentioned this Vapour Halo Illuminator Moonlight in my Current Makeup Rotation. I wanted to do a post that gave a little more detail about this product because I've actually come to love this new addition to my makeup routine.

Using highlighters in my makeup routine is still quite new to me, I've never really gone much past the basic foundation, eyebrows and mascara steps, but after seeing all these people on their blogs and YouTube channels with beautiful glowing cheeks, I got sucked in and needed to give it a go. I've always been more of a powder fan when it comes to makeup products, so getting use to using this creamy product was a bit of a process for me.

I like to warm this product up on my hand briefly before applying it to my face, and I find it glides on a lot easier. I like to apply it to the upper part of my cheeks, under my eyebrows and down the middle of nose.

I would love to try a highlighter with a whiter shade of colour, but I do still love the warm, peachy tone of this product, and it does give a nice highlight to your face as it settles into the skin. It isn't the most shocking, bright highlight on the market, but it gives a beautiful, subtle glow, and the more I use it the more I love it.

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