Adult chores that’ll make your life easier even though they’re annoying AF

Let’s get real for a minute: adulting sucks and it only gets worse when you're deep in the throes of mid-sem anxiety of pre-exam stress. And when that mid-semester rut comes around or those dreadful exams start to take over your life, it can be easy to forget about adulting all together.
However some adult chores can actually make your life easier. Here's the best of 'em.


Before you start drowning in uni work every week, give your house or room a real good clean. Yes this means getting out that thing people call a vacuum and giving your floors a good clean.
You might even need to get out some paper towel and cleaning products to give your desk and any other nearby surfaces a wipe over. Transforming your study area into a nice clean haven will make the idea of sitting down to work much more appealing.

Getting organised

This goes hand-in-hand with the cleaning, but you should organise whatever space it is you’re cleaning as well. Put away or throw away all those old pieces of paper piled up from last semester, discard all those pens that don’t work anymore and go out and grab yourself some new stationery.
If you’ve pushed out all the old stuff and brought in the new, you’ll be surprised at how ready this can get you to nail semester two!

Planning meals and actually doing a weekly grocery shop

Starting this now will make it much easier come dreaded exam time. If you’re spending most days of the week at uni for long periods of time, you’re probably going to get hungry.
Most unis offer places to buy food, but let’s be honest - you’re on a student budget that doesn’t allow you to buy a $5 sandwich each day. The solution? Start taking your own food. And you should know that there’s a bit of an art to going grocery shopping as a student.
Our student brain knows we don’t have much money, so if you go in there without a game plan, you’ll end up buying the cheapest, crappiest food on offer. Generally you need to eat more of the crap food to make yourself feel full, and eating all that junk does no good for your physical or mental health.
So before you walk into said food haven, have game. Write out a meal plan for the week, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. From there make a grocery list so when you walk into the supermarket you only buy what’s on that list.

Make a roster

This is one for all of our sharehouse friends out there. Your house is always going to get dirty, so it’s going to need cleaning during semester so it doesn’t end up looking like a scene from hoarders.
If you live with other people, and you want to make sure that you’re not always stuck cleaning the toilet, shower and every surface including the kitchen sink, make a roster.
Divide up the sections of the house and assign someone to clean that area. Then rotate who does what each week. This helps ensure someone isn’t stuck with the bathroom for six weeks and if there’s a space that’s looking a bit grubby then you’ll know exactly who to ask to give it a clean.

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