What's Your Favourite Flavour of Shit Sandwich

I recently came across this blog post which talked all about finding your life's purpose and figuring out what you want to do with your life; a question will probably all struggle with on a weekly basis, particularly if you're a Uni student like me. The blog post had a few funny questions which it encouraged you answer to learn more about yourself. I thought I'd share these questions, and my answers, and maybe you can have a go at this time if you struggling with this idea of life purpose at the moment.

What's your favourite flavour of shit sandwich and does it come with an olive? (What struggle or sacrifice are you willing to tolerate?)
The struggles and sacrifices I'm willing to tolerate are:
- the photo I envision taking will be the crap the first time I try;
- I won't get the job and will have to settle for a lower-paying one in the mean time;
- I will always feel time poor;
- I'll have to teach myself how to do it.

What is true about you today that would make your 8-year-old self cry?
- That I don't spend as much time reading books;
- All the silly things I get stressed and sad about.

What make you forget to eat and poop?
- Playing games;
- Reading;
- Watching YouTube;
- Writing when I'm on a roll, in the zone and passionate;
- Listening to music.

How can you better embarrass yourself? (What are you holding back from doing due to fear?)
- Taking photos;
- Travelling alone (especially to New York);
- Filming
- Sometimes wearing certain things I want to wear;
- Doing and trying things I don't have much knowledge about.

How are you going to save the world? (How can you make an individual difference?)
- Be more conscious of the products I buy and if they're environmentally friendly;
- Minimise plastic bag use;
- Express my opinion more when I can on my blog;
- Buy less food so I actually eat everything that's in my fridge;
- Buy less meat;
- Comment on other people's blogs to provide encouragement.

Gun to your head, if you had to leave the house all day, every day, where would you go and what would you do (no sitting in coffee shops with free WiFi, no internet, no TV, no video games)?
- Go to the beach;
- Find new walking tracks to experience;
- Do it all with a camera in hand;
- Learn more musical instruments;
- Admire street art more;
- Find free events, markets, etc, to enjoy;
- Do more yoga.

If you knew you were going to die one year from today, what would you do and how would you want to be remembered?
- Leave Uni and go travel (especially to New York and Brazil);
- Travel more of Australia;
- Ensure I have a book published;
- See more of family and friends;
- Take photos to capture it all and put it all on my blog for the world to see for the rest of the Internet's existence;
- I want to be remembered as the girl who would have an idea, a dream or want, and would go for it, all with a camera in hand and write about it after. A creative person with a clearly unique style and enegery that couldn't be exactly pinpointed into any words except "it's just something she would do".

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