Top Gaming Apps

Previously I shared some of the apps on my phone that I use to edit my photos. I decided to do another one of those posts but share with you some of the games I love playing on my phone (I'm a Uni student so I need the procrastination).

Two Dots 

This is a sequel to the original game called Dots, which I've also played previously, but this one is a little different from that. It has a crap load of levels like Candy Crush, as well as extra challenges every couple of weeks. Basically you join same-coloured dots to achieve the goals of the level. Simple, yet addictive. This game only gives you a certain amount of lives which regenerate over time, which is perfect for me because when I run out it forces me to stop playing.

Candy Crush
Because of course.

Best Fiends

You've probably seen every blogger and their dog talk about this app, at least that's how I found it. After about ten bloggers and Youtubers I follow mentioned the game, I couldn't hold off my curiosity any longer and downloaded it - addicted.


This is a word type game. Basically you're given a picture or a word and you have to try and guess what others words are associated with that picture or word.


This is one game me and my boyfriend both have and go through phases of being real competitive with. Basically you have a ring and you tap on it to keep it in the air, and to stop it from touching the line - it's all about seeing how far you can get, and the further you go the higher your score. P.S I'm currently the champion at this between me and my boyfriend.


Another one of those games me and my boyfriend constantly try to beat each other at, and at which I'm currently winning ;) It's similar to Circle except this time you have a little marble and you tap to make it change the direction in which it's rolling and you have to keep it on the course and not let it fall off the edge. Simple yet bloody addictive, and also infuriating at times.

Pokemon Go

Yep I basically jumped on the bandwagon immediately with this game after my friend showed me it just a day after it launched. Then I got my boyfriend hooked and now we find nothing more enjoyable then going for walks with his dog so we can catch Pokemon. I'm excited to see what other updates they bring out to make this game even more awesome.

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