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I am someone who loves both taking photos and playing around with editing them. I could spend hours editing a shot, whether it's for the blog, a client or a vain selfie for Instagram. Particularly when it comes to Instagram I've tried my fair share of apps available on the App Store, and wanted to share with you those which have stood out as my favourites and which I still currently use, and did I mention they are all 100% free. P.S. you can follow me on Instagram here.

This is probably the app I've been using the longest. It's got some cool filter options and there are also a bunch you can purchase within the app. It also has the usual other photo editing options like brightness, contrast, temperature, etc. I can't quite put my finger on what it is about this app that I love so much, but the finish I can get to some of my photos using this tool just makes me love it. It's a platform that you can play around with an really find your own editing style.

As the name sort of gives away, this app was made with editing pictures of food in mind. I haven't used it for that yet, but what I always go to this app with is my landscape photos. The filters in this app will make any nature shot you have look amazing. I often find myself struggling to decide on which filter looks best. If you ever take and upload shots of the beach you're at or the bush walk you're on, be sure to download this one.

This is a free app made by Adobe which is a God send for anyone who likes to put some text on their photos. There are plenty of different fonts to choose from, and you can completely play around with how your text sits on the picture and the effect on the picture itself.

Most people have probably heard of this one, it's even an option on the actual Instagram app itself. Basically it lets you create collages of pictures or make interesting mirror effects with single pictures.

What's your opinion?

  1. This is such a great post! VSCO is my favourite app for photos but theres a couple here I'd never heard of and can't wait to try! :) The 'Foodie' app looks great. Thanks for sharing :)
    Alice | Whiskey Jars

    1. The Foodie App is basically up there with VSCO for me at the moment. I find it doesn't work well with some photos, but those photos that just have the right lighting, the filters look amazing! Glad I could help you find some new apps xx.


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